Since the Executive took office in July we have been hard at work across a range of multiple issues and campaigns. Our first major task was to write our manifesto, the document which I will base much of this report on. This year we based much of our manifesto commitments on data from the Student Matters survey which allowed us to take an evidence-based approach in our mission to meet students’ needs. Meanwhile, the Executive have worked on a range of other projects throughout the year so far as well as dealt with multiple issues, some of which were unforeseen. In the backdrop there was the continuing success of DUSA The Union’s bars, nightclubs and retail operations which helped fuel a positive atmosphere throughout the whole organisation. Finally, DUSA embarked on the planning and writing of a holistic Business Strategy which has consumed much time and resource throughout the organisation but will provide a level of vision and purpose which shall drive the organisation forward for years to come.

Sean O'Conner

DUSA President

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