Every year we give you the opportunity to decide who will represent you at your University of Dundee and Students’ Association. The elected students collectively make decisions that influence the learning and student experience. They become a line of support, advocating and voicing student issues to the University; ensuring their needs are at the forefront of all decisions made.

It is our pleasure to announce your new Student Reps and RAG Charity!

DUSA Executive


DUSA President

Scott Quinn

Vice President of Academia

Martha Umeh Ude-Eze

Vice President of Communications and Campaigns

Saffron-Louise Cook

Vice President of Engagement

Izuin Binti Abu Bakar

Vice President of Fundraising

Megan-Rose Birdsall

Vice President of Representation

Conchita Fraguas Bringas

Vice President of Student Activities

Kellie Ioannou

Vice President of Student Welfare

Lauren Macgregor


School Presidents, IMC, Chair & RAG


Independent Member of Court

Gigi Gan

School of Dentistry President

Calum Stewart

School of Life Sciences President

Lauren Wilson

School of Medicine President

Christopher Marshall

School of Science and Engineering President

Conor Phillip

School of Social Sciences President

Dimitris Vidakis

SRC Chair

Lois Glithero

RAG Charity

Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukemia