Student Ads



We are introducing a new student run newsletter, where all the content is made by you!

You’ll find student ads of all kinds, and you can submit your own messages too. This is a great way to help you find a new flatmate, sell your old stuff, ask for other students to participate in your research, look for work experience and much more!

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Submission deadline (Published)
25th January (26th)
8th Febraury (9th)
22nd February (23rd)
8th March (9th)
22nd March (23rd)
5th April (6th)
19th April (20th)
3rd May (4th)

* Terms and Conditions

By signing up to Student Ads newsletter, you are giving your consent to the below code of conduct and signing up to receive weekly emails from DUSA The Union on subscription basis. You hold a right to unsubscribe at any point in time. If subscription issues arise, please contact

Code of Practise

  1. Everyone can submit an Ad to be featured in Student Ads newsletter. However, it must comply with DUSA’s Zero Tolerance Policy and will be examined by DUSA Executive in regard to its suitability. The editor’s decision regarding applicability of the ads will be final. If not approved, submitter has the right to request the reason of it being declined.
  2. Student Ads is a weekly newsletter to shelter DUSA’s pastoral responsibilities for its student community and does not carry or serve as a commercial, neither marketing message, on the opposite, its main purpose is to share news and opportunities within its University of Dundee community.
  3. All the content submitted is defined by its submitter; DUSA the Union and University of Dundee accept no responsibility for the content of any advertisement published in the Student Ads. Newsletter is serving as a distribution figure of sharing submitted ads is to all subscribed parties.
  4. DUSA the Union shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by any total or partial failure (howsoever caused) resulted by including or distributing Student Ads newsletter.
  5. Readers should note that the inclusion of any advertisement in no way implies approval or recommendation of either the terms of any offer contained in it by DUSA the Union itself.
  6. DUSA the Union relies on the goodwill of submitters to provide the correct, appropriate and informative content.