Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is committed to the principles of equality and fairness. Over recent days our commitment to these values has been placed under scrutiny. We know that we did not speak out and show our support as quickly as some of you had hoped for, and we are truly sorry for this. Like many of you, we are still learning. We know our silence impacted you. We were and still are, trying to find the right words to voice our heartbreak for the black community. We are always listening, and we always want to do more.

As an organisation that supports our students in times of struggle and inequality, we are unreservedly committed in saying that ‘Black Lives Matter’. We acknowledge the hurt, upset and anger within the Black community. DUSA condemns racism and discrimination in all of its forms. It is a statement that we must support in words, but also our actions. We know we need to work harder and do more to eliminate racism and discrimination in our community. Our values and principles will continue to be our guiding light in everything that DUSA does.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and all communities that suffer from discrimination. Events not just of the past week, but also those of the past years, decades and centuries, show that change is needed. As a global society, we must change and challenge hate, division and inequality wherever it rears its head.

In the coming weeks, DUSA will review how we amplify the voices of underrepresented communities and ensure that there is effective representation for those without a voice. We will also consider how we measure the impact of future decisions on all liberation groups. We will do more, and we will speak out.

We stand in support of our students, always. We are here to listen and take action. The Student Representative Council is responsible for all the change you see on campus, and alongside our Representatives, we will make your voices heard.

Reach out if you need support at advice@dusa.co.uk

Joshua Connor
DUSA President