It is important for Sikh students to realise our full potential.

Our aims are to:

  • To give a voice and raise issues affecting student members and the Sikh Community generally.
  • Organise talks, seminars and workshops on aspects of concern and interest to Sikh members.
  • Raise awareness of Sikh practices, culture and customs through discussions and celebration of dates and festivals on the Sikh Calendar.
  • Raise understanding of Sikh practices, culture and way of life by production of literature, dissemination of literature, guest speakers and discussions.
  • Act as a forum through which the Sikh student community at the institution can meet other Sikh members to socialise amongst themselves, enabling young people to share the same/similar interests and to have fun together.
  • Organise leisure/sports events and tournaments – get a wide variety of activities programmed to include everybody particularly the female students.
  • Lobby and act on student problems: channel advice through SU and University services.
  • Promote a positive image of the Sikh way of life, Sikh community through programmes, charity events and day-to-day actions.

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