Self Defence

Ever thought of learning a self defence system that actually works in a real situation? 

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then come along and join the Self Defence Society. We train weekly and the class is quite laid back, so if you’re late or need to leave early, that’s no problem!

We work on realistic tools and scenarios that help you stay safe and get out of danger if you need to. Our techniques and approach are designed for those with no previous experience, and we do not rely on strength or fitness alone to achieve getting to a place of safety in one piece. 

If you plan on taking part, it’s best to wear jogging bottoms/shorts and a t-shirt, and also bring a bottle of water (you will get a bit of a work-out). We will be running beginner focused taster sessions throughout October which will give an overview of what we get up to, so come and find us and have a go.