Dundee University Scottish Country Dance Society (DUSCDS)

New to Scotland and want to experience some traditional Scottish culture in a friendly, active setting? Or miss practicing your ceilidh moves and want to pick them up again? Then come along and step on someone’s toes, then laugh about it later over a pint. Open to all, we host ceilidhs with live music and lots of laughs along with Scottish country dance classes, an excellent opportunity to understand a little bit more about a part of Scottish culture which isn’t often seen. Ceilidhs are a brilliant way of building lasting friendships in a short time, and promise a night to remember. Scottish country dance is an ages old way of dancing which encourages fun, friendliness, and encourages socialising. We promote a welcome and inclusive society, which promotes Scottish culture in more ways than one. Also offering opportunities to see more of Scotland by travelling to other local and distant events, whether that be to other Scottish universities, or festivals up and down the country.

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