Latin Dance

Are you passionate about dancing? Or do you have no idea what to do with your limbs on the dancefloor but you’re curious to know what is it like to be a coordinated human being? Or maybe you just want to try something new and meet cool people from all backgrounds and parts of the world? Well, then we’re just the society for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or you’ve danced before – the Latin Dancing Society aims to bring together people with a passion for dancing regardless their previous experience.

We dance cool chacha, samba, rumba, jive, tango and waltz routines and always add some new fancy moves, too. No need to bring a partner – there are plenty of people to dance with. Except for weekly lessons, we also organize social events, such as nights out and a big competition in the end of each semester.

We have classes twice a week – on Monday it is the beginners class from 8 to 10 and on Wednesday it is the advanced class from 8 to 10 as well – both in the Mono. You can find us in our Facebook group “Dundee Latin Dancing and Social”.

Join This Society

If you would like to join this Society or ask them a question, you can email them here.