Assalamualaikom. We are the Dundee University Islamic Society, or DUIS, if you find that as much of a mouthful as we do. Our Vision is, “TO DEVELOP CONFIDENCE IN FAITH WHILST ENJOYING STUDENT LIFE.” Let’s break that down: we’re basically here to make sure your university experience is as well rounded and the best it can be – all whilst accompanying you on a journey of spiritual growth. Having previously won the award for ‘Most Active Society of the Year,’ you can count on the fact that you’ll be constantly hearing from us with updates ranging from religious educational events to our popular socials. 

Being one of the largest and oldest societies (founded in 1927, isn’t that crazy?!), we are constantly evolving and adapting. Even with our open and diverse membership, you can rest assured that no matter your preference we will have something for you. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and check who won ‘Society of the Year 2019/20’ (spoiler alert, we did).