Engineering Society

Welcome to the Engineering Society!
While we may be a relatively new society, we are striving to expand and to host great events. The society represents all students within the School of Engineering and anybody can join DUES, regardless of course studying.
Our young and enthusiastic committee’s focus is bringing life and fun to the School of Engineering, while trying to merge years of study together through a variety of social and academic events. These events include spectacular nights out, ceilidhs, and much more! Our society can also offer academic support, engineering based outings and team projects such as Robot Wars. With a packed agenda for the years ahead, our goal is to encourage people to socialise between the different years, take the stress away from your course or just escape from the library for a while.
If you have any queries or are interested in joining our society, please head over to our Facebook page for more information.

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If you would like to join this Society or ask them a question, you can email them here.