Dundee Hindu Society

We are your “safe place” in Dundee. A sanctuary away from chaos. Experience ancient Hindu culture and connect with your roots through our weekly meetups and amazing line up of events! Exclusive member benefits include free Indian food, early access to event tickets, special prizes and goodies for event attendees.

Meet us at the Quiet Room, Chaplaincy Center, University of Dundee, every Monday and Wednesday 5 to 7pm. Student testimonies – “I’ve found it to be a very fulfilling experience to be a part of the Hindu Society. I’m thankful that this society has enabled me to connect with a large number of new people who hold similar beliefs and interests”. My time at the university has been greatly enhanced by the events and activities organised by the society.” – Yuthika Nikhil

“Through Hindu Society I have been able to stay connected to my roots, our Sanatan Sanskriti. It has helped me stay calm and has helped me in keeping my perspective towards life balanced.” – Aparna Tyagi

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