Dental Wikipedia Editing

Founded in 2013, DDWEP was established by the Dental DRAMS Committee which in turn was set up under the auspices of INSPIRE. We aim to enhance the accessibility of accurate, up to date evidence based information through Wikipedia.

With evidence-based Dentistry at its core, this multi- faceted initiative allows dental students, dentists and academics from all around the world to contribute to the future dissemination of dental information by working as a team to collectively maintain, update and expand dental related articles on Wikipedia.

This independent society was established in 2016 and has since then received continuous endorsement from the Cochrane Collaboration. In AY 2019/2020, DDWEP expanded internationally yet again, collaborating with over 10 universities which includes dental schools from the UK (Dundee, Glasgow, Queen’s Belfast, Aberdeen), Canada (Toronto) and Malaysia (IMU and USM).