Welcome to the shiny, brand-spanking new Dundee Calligraphy Society! We’re a society dedicated to drawing all kinds of pretty things and sharing our work and ideas with others.

As we’re new and still getting everything ironed out we haven’t sorted out a lot yet, but here’s the basics:

El Presidente – Ben Thompson
Vice Chairman of the Board – Christopher Hastings
Secretary for Defence – Carolina Santos
Keeper of the Vault – Naomi Mensah


Membership is £5 for the whole year and, if all goes well, that will include a free calligraphy pen for you to keep as well as unlimited refills, access to books, and loads of paper!

Weekly workshops are every Thursdays at 5-7pm, usually in Dalhousie Building. These are predominantly a place for us all to meet up, talk through our stuff and get some one-on-one time. Plus cake.

Classes will also hopefully happen regularly, and we plan on finding some professional tutors to come and give special workshops a couple times a year. Yeah, get us.

This is a society all about learning calligraphy and having a good time while we do it, damnit, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or incessant ramblings of any kind, do get in touch; we’d love any and all input into making Calligraphy Soc super awesome! Also, feel free to post your own work or anything cool you find on the group.

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If you would like to join this Society or ask them a question, you can email them here.