There was big news for DUSA last week, as we were ranked number 1 in Scotland in the National Student Survey (NSS). We are so proud to have been recognised by our students for all the hard work that goes in to making DUSA the best it can be for its students. Alongside this fantastic news it was also announced that the University has been ranked 8th in the UK for overall satisfaction.

The success of the ‘Don’t be a Prick Campaign’ has put DUSA at the forefront of Zero Tolerance and has allowed members of all 231 societies to become certified. Training like this has propelled DUSA affiliated societies to a global standard as they have been ranked number one the International Student Barometer.

In conjunction with these incredible achievements DUSA also held their biggest Fresher’s week to date in 2018. All students whether they party here or use our venue space are entitled to our unique night bus service so all students can get home safe.

All of these incredible campaigns and services would not be possible without the dedicated student representatives that are elected to sit on our fantastic student representative council (SRC). The work of the DUSA Executive is central in offering the free welfare, academic, and housing advice from The HIVE.

This accomplishment follows a recent string of wins for DUSA and is a testament to the 2018-2019 Execs’ dedication to student support. The team, led by DUSA President Sofia Skevofylaka, worked throughout the year to improve awareness and the quality of services we provide. Amongst her many other accomplishments, Sofia ensured her team kept to the manifesto goals they set themselves, and that our students’ needs remained at the forefront of all decisions made.

DUSA are going to continue striving to maintain this position and provide the best services for all our students, no matter where they are!