Sunday 20th March 2PM

Air Bar

Watch back University of Dundee’s first Student Climate Conference on Sunday 20th March!

Guests enjoyed some delicious food, student talks, guest speakers and the chance to network within the industry!


14.00 Catering & Exhibition

Dundee University Vegan Society

Plant-based Universities by 2023 

14.30 Talks

1. John Rowan (Vice Principal of Research)

Title: University Action Plan  


2. Abhigyan Khargharia

MSc Sustainability (Climate change & the green economy) 

Title: Public Transport in the UK  


3. Kira Samide

BSc Environmental Science (4th year) 

Title: The Tay Estuary as a Sustainable Energy Source 


4. Aalap Asurlekar

MBChB Medicine (5th Year)  

Title: How can students reduce their carbon footprint when using NHS services? 


5. Kate Adams (Alumni, degree: )


6. Tom Bennett (Heriot-Watt University)

Degree, year: MA Economics – MSc Renewable Energy Development (5th Year) 

Title:  Russia’s Impact on the Energy Crisis