On air for 55 hours non-stop!

Yes, on October the 13th at 5pm to October the 15th at midnight, JAM Radio in conjunction with Tay Production hosted an annual challenge, the 55 hour radio marathon. The challenge was done to raise money for this years’ RAG charity of the year, Dundee Marrow, which is a small branch of Anthony Nolan. There was so much work put into the planning of the event and we can now confidently say that it was a very successful event. Lewis, the JAM Radio manager, should be commended for it!

There were 5 presenters who dedicated their time and energy to stay awake and entertain us, along with a variety of guests throughout the challenge. “It was a weekend to never forget” the thoughts of the radio team and I cannot disagree.

Before we go into details about how the crew had amazing fun, we want to talk about the funds raised from the event.

Our target for the event was £1000; setting that target, we were a bit sceptical and frightened because we thought, how on earth are we going to raise that amount of money?! But with faith, we went with it and hoped for the best. Needless to say, the marathon took an incredible turn and we raised almost double our goal! To be exact, we raised £1907.43! Incredible, right?!

I would love to thank all the generous supporters and assure them that all their donations went towards a very good cause.

Now to the exciting details of the marathon. We had different societies and groups come in every half hour or so to share fun facts with us or participate in any of the games planned. I’m sure if you followed the live stream of the marathon, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The conversations never died and there was a good sense of humour that gave a great atmosphere. We had the student executives come in to play the game ‘get me out of here. I’m an exec!’ and I can guarantee you that it was really good fun.

There was a live band performance by Kashmir Crows, DJ Duncan Barton made an appearance, there was a conversation about being black in Dundee, salsa lessons (Thanks to Lucas! The president of the Hispanic society) and so much more that went on during the marathon.

After asking a few presenters to describe their experience in three words, here’s what they had to say; Ana (VPCC) says “Rewarding, great cause, making friends”, Sofia (VPSA) says “Unique and rewarding lifetime experience”, Lewis (Radio Manager) says “Exhausting, long but fulfilling” and Alex (VPR) says “Long, worth it”.

Fun fact- Dominos supported the marathon by providing free pizza to the presenters to boost their energy!

Kudos to everyone who dedicated their time to make this a success especially Lewis Kennedy, Murray Glen, Taylor Dewar, Ewan MacDonald, George Cameron, Jamie Burton, Adam Hunt, Lucas Morales, Mairi Ferns, Ana Ranceva, Sofia Skevofylaka, Clare McGowan and Ruaridh Wood.