DUSA’s does a lot more than you might realise

These are just some of our latest  progress and achievements

For a more in-depth look at our work across the previous academic year, please read our Annual Report

“Everything we do here at DUSA is to enhance and support the lives of all students who study at the University of Dundee and provide them with opportunities to develop, socialise and have their voices heard.”

DUSA The Union

Students Association

Active Societies

With so many active societies, and 100 more just waiting for you to relaunch, there is a student group for everyone! But, if you can’t find the perfect one for you, don’t panic, we will help you start your own. If you want to introduce the Harry Potter Appreciation Society, it’s easier than you might imagine.

234 fully affiliated societies

20 new societies affiliated this year

Over 1200 new society member sign ups at Freshers Fair 2018

Over 1000 society events held in DUSA this year alone!

Raised for Dundee Foodbank

DUSA and our 30 RAG Ambassadors want to help you give you the opportunity to get involved in the charitable work and fundraising projects that matter to you. Raising And Giving (RAG) encompasses all student fundraising across all our campuses, however, each year DUSA also support one charity partner chosen by our students through democratic vote. This year we are proud to support Dundee Foodbank.

In 2017/18 we raised £10500 for Dundee Marrow

403 books resold in our Book Fairs this year

Student Appeals Supported

DUSA is not just here to make the university experience unforgettable; we also help when things go wrong.

Our dedicated professionals are on hand to help with everything from housing to money problems. Or, when students face issues that affect their studies, our face to face academia support can guild you through the often daunting appeal process. All completely free and confidential.

Votes Cast in September 2019 Student Elections

DUSA is run by students, for students. Every decision we make is based on student feedback or by the representatives our students elect to speak for them.

Since introducing a new voting platform in the previous academic year, we have seen a far greater turn out in voter engagement: A trend we hope to continue.

  • 4857 votes cast in September 2016
  • 3566 votes cast in September 2017
  • 10086 votes cast in September 2018

Facebook Likes

Instagram Followers

Website hits since Sept 2019

SRC Online Submissions in 2018/19

Nightlife events held by DUSA this academic year

Disposable cups saved every month

In 2018, DUSA’s efforts to stay green saw the introduction of fully recyclable coffee cups. In the past month, DUSA’s reusable mugs have saved 8269 disposable cups being wasted. Stacked on top of each other, those cups would be taller than 2 Empire State buildings!

We also changed our free bottled water supplier, to one which provided 100% recycled bottles. 

We also introduced new recycling points throughout the building, allowing all our members to recycle as much of their rubbish as possible.



Free Giveaways


To raise awareness of our Zero Tolerance Policy, we gave away 700 cacti to students who could memorise the policies key points. Our “Don’t be a Prick” campaign caught the attention of local media and other Unions around the country, who picked it up and continued the project with their students.

Sanitary Products

DUSA abolished the ‘Tampon Tax” on all sanitary products within our retail outlets; moreover, we aimed to prevent period poverty by working with the university to provide free sanitary products, available all year long.

Zero Tolerance Wristbands

As well as giving away cacti, we continued our commitment to Zero Tolerance awareness with free wrist bands, allowing our staff and members to show their support for the safe and welcoming association we are.


We aim to keep our students safe in all aspects of their lives. Along with our sexual health campaigns, we strive to educate and equip our students with all they need to remain safe and healthy. This goes far beyond condoms, with oral dams, female condoms and more.

Water bottles

We’ve given away so much water this year we have lost track. Our 100% recycled, and recyclable, water bottles keep our students hydrated during the study period and of course, for the journey home after a night out in The Union. 


Ahead of budget

Our many retail outlets continue to go from strength to strength, most noticeably with the full refurbishment of The Premier shop. These improvements have not got unnoticed with a recent spree of award nominations, including:

Responsible Licensed Retailer of the Year

Health Promoting Store of the Year

Innovation and Impulse Store of the Year

Read Our Annual Report 2018-2019