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Bring forward ideas on how to improve your student experience at the University DUSA The Union.

It does not matter if you are elected or not; if you have an idea of how to make things better you can start it here!

What can I submit?


The SRC is a great opportunity for students and ordinary members of DUSA to bring forward their ideas on how to solve some of the big issues effecting students at the University of Dundee. The system is quite simple; you submit an idea which will go to a DUSA Executive who will work with SRC Councillors and create a motion to go to SRC. If it’s passed at SRC then it will be implemented and we will feedback to students what’s happened. If it can’t go forward DUSA will tell you as soon as possible and, if we can, will try and help you come up with a new way to take your idea forward.

DUSA is a registered Scottish charity and therefore there are things it can’t get involved in. The work it carries out has to benefit students as students. The DUSA Executive will be able to tell you more about what we can and cannot do.

Ideas that have come forward to the SRC in the last few years have included:

  • Academic- Review of assessments at the University – Exam cheating – 24 hour access to the library during exams
  • Environment – Solar Panels on the LLC – establishing an ethical procurement group
  • Financial support – removing the Tampon Tax – Banning payday lenders

You could consider how to improve:

  • Welfare services
  • Academic and Learning and Teaching
  • Facilities
  • Student Activities and Volunteering
  • Housing
  • Equality
  • Employability
  • Representation

If you have any questions contact your Vice President of Representation at



SRC Online – To bring an idea forward you just need to complete this form

Tell the SRC your idea to improve student life.

What happens next?


Step 1: We’ll contact you

After we receive your submission the DUSA Executive will review it. If it is something we can take forward you’ll get a message from an Exec member who you can talk to about it.

Step 2: Plans in action

A lead Executive member will work with SRC Councillors and you to come up with the best plan of action. This might be a motion to go to an SRC or lobby the University directly.

Step 3: Celebrate making change

SRC Online will inform students by reporting back on the website what has happened. SRC Online also makes it easy to catch up what has happened at previous meetings or read the papers coming to the next one.