School (Vice) Presidents

If you have an idea to improve student life, you can tell your Student Reps through SRC Online.

Hello and welcome to the School President and Vice-President online training course. Over the next three units we are going to discuss your role as a leading student representative and look at a range of skills to help you achieve your goals. As this is an online course you can read the information and finish the tasks in your own time.

Once you have finished the course you can complete a short questionnaire to see what you have learned, and on passing it you will be awarded with an open badge. We recommend taking notes while going through  these units, as they will assist you when answering the questions. This badge will recognise the effort you have put in by completing this course and that you have the skills to carry out your role effectively. If you have any questions during the training then get in touch with me. You can find my contact details on this page.

Stewart Squire

Stewart Squire

Democratic Support & Policy Co-ordinator


Unit One - 30 Minutes

  • Why we have a representation system and why it is important
  • How the University gets academic feedback from students
  • Partnership between students and staff
  • How the representation system works and your place in it
  • What DUSA and the SRC is and how you can achieve change
  • Different types of support which is available to you and your fellow students

Unit Two - 45 Minutes

  • How to effectively communicate with both staff and students to achieve your objectives
  • How to develop your ideas for improving the learning experience
  • Understand and know how to use the Student Learning Experience tool to help you in your role

Unit Three - 30 Minutes

  • Look at key meetings you are likely to attend
  • How to make the most out of your meetings
  • How to chair a meeting effectively
  • Guide to minute taking
  • Engaging fellow students in education enhancement
  • How to write effective surveys
  • Time management

At the end of unit 3 you will be asked to complete a short set of questions and an evaluation survey. Once you have done this you can then be awarded with your badge.

Ready for the test?

Once you feel you have read and understood the three units, you can take a short test. Answering the questions correctly will award you a badge.