School Presidents and Vice Presidents

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What are School Presidents?

The role of the School Presidents is one of the most important positions in the student representation system. Each of the nine academic Schools elects a student to be the School President and lead the student voice. School President works closely and is supported by the Vice Presidents and Class Representatives of each School.

The School President regularly attends senior committees in each School and is in regular communication with the academic management about students learning experience. They also work together with the DUSA Executive team and are each Schools link to the Student Representative Council (SRC) as a sitting member.

What are School Vice-Presidents?

The position of Vice-President is an important role within your School and leads representation at the level of discipline or theme. Working closely throughout the year with their respective Class Reps, the Vice-President reports to their School President and supports their work and priorities. The Vice-President also plays an important role in facilitating feedback by leading Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) Meetings.

The Vice-President position is open to the newly elected pool of Class Representatives within a particular School and is an opportunity for experienced Class Reps to take on new responsibilities and duties. This is a rewarding role and provides a great opportunity to improve skills and be a part of the culture of continuous improvement within your School.

Class Rep Documents and Information Packs

Feedback Reporting Form

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Dundee Plus

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Planning Tool

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Reflective Report

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Each School President and Vice President will get access to online training which will be available from the start of the academic year 2017/18. DUSA Executive and support staff are also available to provide you with support throughout your time in the role.


Becoming a School President or Vice-President dose carry with it responsibilities and you will be expected to pull your weight across the year. A new system of Open Badges has been designed to accredit the work which School and Vice Presidents undertake to aid employability. Also taking on the role allows you to apply to be a part of the University’s Employability programme “DundeePlus” and become accredited.

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