10 September 2021

Dundee University Student Association (DUSA) is gearing up to put on an incredible in-person Freshers’ Festival between 18 and 26 September that is sure to thrill students both new and returning to the City.

With over 80 Societies and stalls booked into a giant marquee on Campus Green, a packed Festival line-up of activities and events, a delicious array of food and drink in DUSA’s Liar, Air, Terrace and Pavement Café bars and restaurants, a diverse club offering in Mono nightclub, and all the fun of the fair in Airlie Place, this is sure to be the best gig in town.

The event is being sponsored by Domino’s who will be on campus to tempt Freshers with their sizzling pizza pies.

Dimitris Vidakis, President of DUSA, said,

‘‘We know just how tough the last year has been and that’s why it was vitally important that we stepped up to put on an unforgettable experience for Freshers that will leave them with a lasting memory of their time at Dundee University. We can’t wait to welcome both our returning and new students to DUSA – a home away from home where we respect individuality and diversity and truly allow our students to flourish, shine and thrive.

‘‘No one understands students quite like we do. We have an exceptionally experienced team of staff on hand to help, guide and support students, and at our Freshers’ Festival 2021 there is something for everyone no matter what their interests might be.  Not only that, our free night bus service will make sure students are shuttled door to door.  Everything students need for a safe and fun Freshers’ night out is on site – you can eat, drink and dance and get home safely with zero stress.

‘‘There is such variety on offer this year with everything from club nights to African Cement day to coffee mornings, quizzes, food and drink tastings and everything in between. Come along and join in the fun.’’

Chris Gourley, Head of Operations at DUSA, added,

‘‘As the official Freshers’ event in town, and the only night-club venue where a negative lateral flow test is required as a condition of entry, students can attend our Freshers’ Festival in the knowledge that we take their safety seriously.

‘’We are acutely aware that Covid is still in circulation and have been working closely with the University to ensure all students have the best Freshers’ experience possible and that means putting in place measures to do just that.  Students will be expected to wear masks within the building unless they are eating, drinking, or dancing. We will have a Covid vaccination service on site for two days during the Freshers’ Festival to encourage and ensure students are as safe as possible and from Monday, students will be able to pick up free lateral flow testing kits from our reception.  We have been running test events in our nightclub where we have asked for digital proof of a negative lateral flow test as a condition of entry and this will continue throughout the Festival.’’

To see what’s on offer at our Freshers’ events and to book tickets, please visit; www.dusa.co.uk/freshers

For all DUSA media enquiries please contact Sarah Craig, Marketing & Communications Manager via the button below.