Can I come to The Union/sign-in people?
All over 18 year old students from any universities in the UK or Dundee and Angus College and Fife College can sign in up to four people as long as they have a valid photographic ID and are also over 18. All University of Dundee students are welcome, but only over 18 year old students can sign in other people. All those who do not have a valid, in date, University Students card are subject to a signing in fee of £2 (excluding life time members).
What ID do I need to show to get into the Union?
University of Dundee students will need their student ID card plus a passport, drivers licence, proof of ID card (PASS accredited) or national ID card.

University of Abertay Student cards & Dundee and Angus College cards have a PASS accredited proof of age scheme on the reverse which we are happy to accept as proof of age. Therefore those students need only bring their in valid Abertay or Dundee and Angus College cards in order to gain entry to DUSA The Union.

NB: Your ID will not be accepted if it is not readable, or in a different alphabet as we do not have the capacities to verify it.

My friend is 17, can I sign them in?
No, your friend will not be able to be signed-in. If you are 17, you may only get into the Union if you are a Dundee University student, but you cannot sign in any guests.
What time does the Union open/close?
The Union opens at 9am on weekdays and at midday on weekends.
The building closes at 2.30am on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3am Fridays & Saturdays and 12.30am Mondays, Wednesday and Sundays.
What time does the Cloakroom open?
The Cloakroom opens at 10pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It is closed the rest of the week.
How much is the cloakroom?
The cloakroom costs £1 per item, unless you are a VIP pass holder in which case it is free for you, all year round.
Can I put more than one jacket on a hanger?
No, that is not permitted as it creates a risk of the jacket going missing – if it falls from the hanger there is no way of knowing which hanger it fell from.
I left my jacket in the cloakroom last night, how do I get it back?
Your jacket has then been recorded into our lost property. You need to present your cloakroom ticket and your matriculation card / ID to the reception to claim it back. You can go to the reception at the following times- Mon to Fri: 1000 to 1600 and 2000 to 2330, Sat and Sun: 1200 to 2200.

NB: Lost property items are only kept for one week and then are donated to charity.

I have lost my phone/camera/ID/etc. what should I do?
Lost property is available for collection at the following times- Mon to Fri 1000 to 1600 and 2000 to 2330, Sat and Sun 1200 to 2200. We would need to positively confirm that you are the owner by checking specific details like phone background colour / pattern, specific marks or damage etc.
When does the night bus start?
The night bus runs from 2200 (2000 on Sundays).
Can the night bus come pick me up?
The night bus runs on a circular route collecting people from West Park, dropping them off off outside the Union on Balfour street. It cannot pick up from any other locations with the exception of Ninewells Nurses’ Residences but this would need to be arranged by calling the security office on 01382 386044. The bus will also take people to their homes within Dundee until 0245 (Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat) or 2345 (Mon, Wed, Sun). This service is also available for people using the campus at night in order to get home safely and conveniently. We aim to run 2 buses on tues, thur, fri and sat in order to provide the best service possible as these are out busiest nights.
I got refused entry into the building last night even though I am a student, can someone explain to me why?
The safety and enjoyment of all of our Members is paramount. As DUSA is Licensed Premises, we reserve the right to refuse entry to persons that we feel are intoxicated or may pose a threat to other people. We also carry out bag searches in order to ensure the safety of our customers.
What is DUSA's door entry policy?
DUSA is a private members club, as such all University of Dundee students and alumni are automatically members and are given full access and privileges of membership. Similarly other educational establishments with which DUSA has a reciprocal agreement are also afforded reciprocal member status.

To gain entry as a member, you must have an in-date, valid matriculation card with your date of birth and photograph on it. As a bone fide member you are afforded the privilege of being able to sign in up to 4 non-members who must also provide ID to confirm their name and age. The only forms of identification DUSA accepts from non-members are a valid passport ,Driving Licence or Young Scot Card
Any person who is deemed to be too drunk, under the influence of a controlled substance or considered to be a threat to members or staff will be refused entry, regardless of their membership status. Members who have broken club rules will be referred to the DUSA disciplinary panel and potentially reported to the University.
The signing in of a maximum of 4 guests is a privilege for members only, not a given right; this may be revoked at any time by DUSA’s Customer Safety Team in the interests of safety and compliance with licensing legislation. Non-members will be exposed to a more stringent vetting process, in line with our status as a licensed private members club and may be refused entry at any time without a reason being given.

Where is The Union?

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