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Distorted presents Bury Tomorrow DJ Set

Friday 13 September : 10:00 pm-3:00 am

Free admission with a Black Card or Freshers’ Pass

Tickets £8 (if available)

Bury Tomorrow have been storming the metalcore world and are the future flagbearers for modern metal. Formed in 2006, in Southampton, Bury Tomorrow have enjoyed a steady rise over the last 13 years having quickly established themselves as a firebrand live outfit and “ones to watch”.

Bury Tomorrow are lead vocalist: Daniel Winter-Bates; rhythm guitarist and singer: Jason Cameron; lead guitarist: Kristan Dawson; bassist: Davyd Winter-Bates and drummer: Adam Jackson. They began life as a scrappy metalcore outfit, initially signing to the tiny label Basick Records, they have now progressed; via a three-album stay with German metal label Nuclear Blast, to Sony’s record label Music For Nations. Bury Tomorrow have released five albums, their most recent being ‘Black Flame’, in July 2018 which entered the UK album charts at No. 11. This summer Bury Tomorrow dominate the European festival circuit.

We recently spoke to frontman Daniel Winter-Bates and his brother Davyd…

You have three songs to play to someone who has never heard Bury Tomorrow before. Which three songs do you play?
Davyd: ‘Black Flame’. ‘Knife of Gold’ and ‘More than Mortal’. In that order.

2018 was a huge year for Bury Tomorrow, with the success of: ‘Black Flame’, your the festival shows and tour. Did it meet expectation?
Davyd: We always have expectations in our head and we thought we were doing alright, but the reception to ‘Black Flame’ showed us that maybe this record has connected with people and then the tour has been absolutely mind blowing and we never in a million years would have thought that everywhere would have been practically sold out, it’s crazy really, we don’t think of our band in that way.

As the band’s frontman, are you always writing lyrics or do you need the song to be in place before you start?
Daniel: I’m always writing. You have to be open all the time, sometimes I even write lyrics along to other bits of music I hear. I’m the catchline master, I’m always looking for catchy things, trying to find cadence and melody.

If you weren’t song writing, what would you be doing?
Daniel: I don’t really know. Haha… I have a strong work ethic so I would be doing something but I’ve been in this band for so long it’s hard to say.

So after the huge success of 2018 what do you have in store for the future?
Davyd: ‘Black Flame’ isn’t over, so there’s going to be more stuff happening with that; both physically and live. So there is more to expect from that. More headline shows; we are going to Russia and Spain and hopefully Japan. As well as coming back to the UK and Europe and planning to take things the next step further.

What advice would you give to a new band looking to break out in this day and age?
Daniel: Work hard on your songs but honestly just enjoy it! About 60% of breaking is about luck, so just enjoy the ride.

If you could swap places with another member of the band and live as them for a day which member of the band would it be?
Davyd: None of them I’m the best one. I’d live a day in the life of me. I would clone myself so I could just live the same day twice!


Friday 13 September
10:00 pm-3:00 am
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Airlie Place
Dundee, Dundee City DD1 4HP United Kingdom