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Running for SRC Chair Person

Thomas Waldron: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

I am Thomas Waldron, the current SRC Chairperson, and am seeking re-election to pursue my policies, and maintain the order i have achieved in Chairing the SRC. In my position, I have worked closely with members of the executive, councillors, and DUSA staff, accomplishing feats such as reviewing submitted motions, to make sure they are plausible and practical from an impartial position. Beyond this, I have worked to advance the use of SRC online, a commitment of mine I hold close to me, and through this, aim to widen the platform in which students can voice their opinions, to better their experience at university. Prior to being Chairperson, I held the position of housing representative, and worked to lobby sanctuary, and aided in an awareness campaign for DUSA Housing via refreshers packs and speed renting. About me: I’m 19, a politics student, originally from Newcastle, but have formed a great pride in living in not only Dundee, but Scotland as a whole. Beyond this, I enjoy socialising on campus, and more so, making the lives of students better, as it not only benefits yourself, but me, as a student as well. Thank you, and don’t forget to vote.

  • To further the involvement of the student body within the SRC by bringing the institution into the digital age, promoting engagement via Facebook livestream, polls, councillor blogs, and SRC online.
  • To continue my work in developing the SRC into a civil, professional body, which holds the best interest of the students at heart.
  • Finally, to support SRC policies in an impartial and neutral manner, giving aid when needed, assuring policies fit the interests of current and future students at this university.
Matilda Sherwood: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

My name is Matilda Sherwood (better known as Tilly) and I’m running for the position of SRC Chairperson. I have been on the Student Representative Council this year as the Student Staff Representative, and have caught the bug for making change happen, both on campus and off it. As a student of Politics and International Relations, I like becoming involved in politics, even on a micro level within the SRC. I’m not afraid to say what I think, to get my points across and my feelings heard. I recently gave a speech to over 300 people at a political protest, purely because I felt so strongly about the subject of the rally.

During my work on the SRC, I have seconded a motion to ensure that cultural appropriation as “”fancy dress”” is not tolerated at DUSA. I am bringing forth motions to introduce a multi-purpose quiet reflection and prayer space in the library for the stresses of exam times; to eradicate dangerous Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from DUSA, and I am working towards a motion that would create a Safe Space in DUSA, the second only in the UK. As SRC Chairperson I would encourage an arena of frank and fair discussion, where debate is encouraged and just decisions are reached.

  • More equal and fair representation across campus. I would achieve this by encouraging sub-committees within the SRC and speaking to different groups around campus to see how they can be better represented.
  • An organised, easily accessible Student Representative Council. I would like the SRC to become much more widely recognised and used for the purpose it is designed for – representing students. More organisation is currently needed for students to benefit the most from it.
  • Make a real difference. Ensure that once motions are passed, they are followed up on and are actually enforced.

Running for School of Education and Social Work President

Kimberley Rennie: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hello! I am a fourth year Education Student and I am running for the School of Education and Social Work President. My interest in running for the position has stemmed from being a class representative for two years for the class of 2018 MA Education. I have always wanted to be actively involved in student life within the school and in second year was a part of the student buddy program to welcome first year students into the course. I am looking to continue this involvement into my final year at university and get involved in the whole school.

  • Encourage engagement with distance learners in School Education and Social Work as I am aware that the distance learning students currently feel isolated from university life.
  • Develop interdisciplinary working and learning within and out-with the school to encourage development of professional relationships at the start of our professional careers.
  • To liaise with the school society and continue its development in the upcoming academic year.

I would appreciate your vote for me as the School of Education and Social Work President 2017/18.

Lauren Duncan: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hello there!

My name is Lauren and I’m running for School President of Education and Social Work. I am currently class rep for my year group in Education and looking for a new challenge to take on! Outside of University I have various other leadership roles including teaching dance and assisting with the Boys Brigade. I am running for this position to build on my previous experience as well as gaining more!

Voting opens on the 28th of February. I hope you will take part and have your say!

  • An introduction of more social events including all Education, Social Work, and CLD students.
  • An increase in communication channels between the three disciplines.

Running for School of Science and Engineering President

Joely Nicol: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

When I first moved down here from the Highlands I didn’t know that home delivery for food was a thing in Scotland, I thought it only happened in America. I do know though how to be your president!

I’ve been a student representative since I was in first year, and I am very passionate about helping people get the most out of their degrees. I’ve learnt from the past 3 presidents and hope to carry on their good work within the School of Science and Engineering.

We’re all here to learn more about our chosen subject and enjoy learning about it, so my job would be to help get the most out of it. Any problems brought to me I will deal with to the best of my ability, or seek the appropriate person to help us this problem. It’s cliché to say, but no problem is too small or big to be tackled.

My main aim will be to help people onto the next step, whether that be a career, further study or volunteering. Some of you already know what you’re going to do when you finish and that’s great, others haven’t got a clue. So many options, with less and less time to decide. I hope to work with the Careers service, the University & the different disciplines help everyone get the most out of university.

  • To seek more opportunities for interdisciplinary projects. Utilising all the skills gained throughout the different degree paths on projects set out either by the university or companies that could be future employers.
  • To work on employability by having info sessions with experts in their field of study that could aid with answering any questions people have about their next steps after graduating, whether that be further study or employment
  • To hold interdisciplinary skill swap sessions, which can help with learning a new skill outwith your degree.
Erik Jeny: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

I am a computing student, currently in my 3rd year of study. Last year I took the leap and became student associate president of computing. Since then I have made it my mission to take care of computing students to the best of my abilities, listening to their issues and suggestions to try and make the Queen Mother Building a great enviroment for learning and teaching. Staff and students alike praised my work as president and I think I can apply the experience I have gained as Computing president to try and help other students from within the School of Science and Engineering disciplines in the same way.

  • Listen to your issues and suggestions and try to act upon them to the best of my abilities
  • Make a firm stance for the School of Science and Engineering on the SRC Council
  • Co-operate with the discipline societies to organise events for members and non-members alike

Running for School of Humanities President

Julia Holderer: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

My name is Julia Holderer and I’m currently in my second semester of studying European Studies with European Languages and European Cultures. I’m originally from Germany but studying at the University of Dundee has turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.
In Germany is not much involvement with your university, let alone your school. This is a huge contrast to the active Student Union present at Dundee Uni. As you can see from my course, I’m a person who enjoys being around other people, getting to know different kinds of people, cultures, and ideas, and learning from them but also bringing in my own views and ideas. I’m already part of two different clubs, Dundee University Trampoline Club and Dundee University Surfing Club and I work in the PR-Team of The Union. I would love to get even more involved, especially with the School of Humanities and be able to influence what is happening at my university and my school.
The University of Dundee truly is one of the best universities for student experience and as President of the Humanities School I want my school to play an even bigger role in student life.

  • As President of the Humanities School I will boost communication between the school and the students. I will do this through the usage of alternative communication tools Slack and a set time, where students can come and speak to me personally.
  • I will enhance the availability of our learning resources by putting lecture recordings on MyDundee and encouraging lecturers to make all the material on the reading list available online.
  • My final goal is for all of us to reconnect with our School. I want to highlight the social part of being a humanities student, that we are all one big family.
Craig Thomas: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hey, I’m Craig and i’m a third year History and Politics student. I’ve felt that ever since the restructuring of Humanities and Social Sciences things have not been clear for students. To make any further changes clearer for all students across the school, i feel it is crucial that we have a strong voice that can represent students across the school. I also feel that not all students get the same support regarding feedback and how to follow this up. I would like to make this process clearer and easier for all students as feedback is crucial to improving your work and getting the most out of your degree. I have benefitted from strong feedback and support from staff and have felt this was crucial to improving my grades but also improving my experience at university. Humanities is a great big family and fundamental to society as a whole and its time we had a voice that stands up for us as a school.

  • Every student to receive their coursework back from their tutor personally to receive feedback.
  • For societies to play a greater role in the School of Humanities.
  • To make all future proposals for changes to the School of Humanities more transparent.

Running for School of Life Sciences President

Andie Rae: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

I fell in love with the University of Dundee long before I ever applied. The all-in-one campus, the proud students and the passion the faculty had for their respective areas all led me to believe this University was more cohesive than any other I’d seen. Having been enrolled for three years now, my stance has not changed. As a home away from home I want to give back to an instituation that has taught me so much, not only about neuroscience, but about myself. To date, I have contributed to the wider University community in the following ways:

• Peer Connections

• Fresher’s Team

• DULSS Secretary

• Module Rep

I am proud of what I have achieved so far, but I’d like to do more. This year I have aided change by providing feedback to the current president about areas I would wish to improve. These included better quality feedback on assessments and standardised feedback for modules. I have seen both of these undertaken to a great extent and as a third year I really notice the difference. In short, as highlighted by my policies, I’d like to continue the work of previous presidents to ensure the fluidity of information between school faculty and students to create a sense of unity.

  • To help better prepare students for life beyond University
  • To continue to strengthen communication between staff and students
  • To encourage better exam preparation through example questions and model answers
Yasmin Odabashy: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’m running for School of Life Sciences President in the DUSA ’17 elections. My name’s Yasmin Odabashy and I’m Level 3 Biomedical Sciences. School President is a position I’ve been working towards since I joined Dundee. I’ve gained experience over the past year as Module Representative for both BS31016 and BS32026 and acting as Facilities Representative on the Student Representative Council. Holding this position in various meetings has given me an insight into the role of the President from different perspectives and so I am familiar with the processes and procedures needed to make our voices heard. I have specific, achievable policies to invoke real change. These include: 1) Increase Staff/Student Liaison meetings from once to twice per semester so that the purpose of feedback is to bring change that we can benefit from within our own academic year and not just for those following, 2) Introduce an iCalendar for all modules that can be synced to our devices so we no longer have so much confusion regarding our timetables and 3) Make our careers workshops tailored to students’ needs by introducing a poll system. Stay tuned!

  • Increase Staff/Student Liaison meetings from once to twice per semester so that the purpose of feedback is to invoke change that we can benefit from within our own academic year and not just making improvements for those following
  • Introduce an iCalendar for all modules that can be synced to to our devices so we no longer have so much confusion regarding our timetables – no more constantly checking Web Timetables and Excel Sheets!
  • Endeavour to make our current careers workshops more tailored to students’ needs by introducing a poll system
Hannah Lawson McLean: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

I am a 3rd year Biochemistry and Drug Discovery student. As a direct entrant, I remember the nerve-racking feeling of being new, but have worked hard to be involved with many aspects of student life such as Dundee University Researchers Association (DUYRA); and now I feel confident with being a life sciences student.

I am suited for the role as president because I am a driven. I will do what is in the best interest of the students, not the reputation of the Life Sciences School. If get the role I will try to increase student satisfaction levels and the support given through making study groups and having more contact time with lecturers and tutors as one to ones. Additionally I will organise a smoother integration for students starting life sciences and improve contact between students of all years. Finally I will reach out to the life science industry to open possibilities and connections with trips, talks and opportunities to try increase the number of placements open to 1st and 2nd years. This will enable them to gain experience and have the initial start to their careers, an opportunity that is prioritised for 3rd and 4th years.

  • Make discussion boards that are not managed by the academic staff that are available to all years for advice on modules, to allow honest feedback and opinions between years.
  • Create an academic mentor programme between all years to help integration of students and improve overall communication.
  • Improve awareness of research that is being carried out at the university, other institutes and industry.

Uncontested Positions

School of Social Sciences President
Mark Pelosi: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hello! My name is Mark Pelosi and I’m a third year student studying law. I am running for President of the School of Social Sciences as I believe now is the time to revive and modernise our school. If elected, I would like to see students supported and become more involved with how their school and how their individual discipline functions. The restructuring that created the School of Social Sciences has left individual subjects neglected. I believe that each discipline is not being given the attention that it needs, specifically, not being allowed to modernise so that its students are supported and aided in the best way possible. This is specifically evident during revision time and the way students are examined.

I have successful previous experience in student representation being elected as the Second Year Dual Law class representative. This involved taking student concerns and voicing them to staff members and DUSA representatives at regular meetings. I was able to change assessment dates and highlight concerns with specific modules. The School of Social Sciences is much larger in size so to remedy this I will happily make myself available weekly to hear students concerns.

  • Record and publish lectures – This will increase engagement during lectures, students will no longer be pre-occupied with typing or writing out their notes fully.
  • Increase the use of electronic/typed exams – Migrate the final exams to computers or alternative methods such as more open-book exams or electronic hand-ins. Handwritten exams are not the best way to assess students.
  • Greater flexibility to tailor your modules – Review the weighting of different assessments towards your overall grade. Staff should consult students more on using forms of assessments to get the best out of them.
School of Art and Design President
Charlie Kleboe-Rogers: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Over the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed being your DJCAD President. Working alongside with my team, we have championed areas such as increased student representation, creating more elected positions, with more to come in the New Year. We are working hard on internationalisation, with hopes of increasing DJCAD’s presence across the globe. We are focusing on ensuring that DJCAD is as environmentally friendly as possible. With the great work that has been done I am eager to continue the role as your President. Over the next year my team and I will champion these areas, and ensure that DJCAD continues to thrive as it has over the last year to make it the best place for us all to learn, find and create. I am passionate about all things Art and Design as well as DJCAD as a school and I hope that you will place your faith in me to be President again to take this work forward for the benefit of us all. Vote Charlie #1 for DJCAD.

  • To improve DJCAD’s International relations and connections with art colleges worldwide.
  • Focus on interdisciplinary learning with focuses on making DJCAD’s community ethos a priority in our learning.
  • Increase our Eco-Friendly attitude, and make DJCAD a more Eco friendly School.
School of Nursing and Health Sciences President
Gary Jordan: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Soon, the NMC will publish a draft of new guidelines for the education of nurses. A consultation period later this year allows us to debate the changes they propose. I believe our students should be passionately involved with discussions. I would ensure that our students are listened to.

Nursing is one of the most sociable degrees on offer at Dundee University. We work together like few others. We make friends here who accept us and understand us in a way other friends can’t. This puts us in position to tackle a serious issue of student life – loneliness. No student at Dundee should arrive to class feeling alone. I aim to create stronger bonds between fields and cohorts to create a true community feeling to our school, leading by example for other schools to follow.

Finally, I believe the SNHS should continue to champion students. I aim to bring celebrations to the forefront by recognising achievements of peers. I want to address any concerns students have about their time at University. I aim to improve services students say they use to succeed.

I believe this is achievable in the year that I would act as Student President.

Please vote Gary Jordan for President of the SNHS.

  • To be a strong voice for student nurses in regards to nursing education, practice placements and all other aspects of university life.
  • To create a true community feeling between all fields and cohorts where we can feel included, valuable and equal.
  • To listen to students, celebrate their achievements, address their concerns and improve services that we need to get ahead.
School of Dentistry President
Emma Ward: Read My Statement & Policies
Candidate Statement

Hi I’m Emma, I’m in my 4th year of university and 3rd year of the BDS course, after studying a BMSc in Anatomy for a year. Through my time at university I have enjoyed engaging in the wider university community through sport, where I have gained leadership and organisational skills through being Commodore of the Dundee University Sailing club and Development Capt on the Scottish Student Sailing committee. Both of these roles have taught me the value of open transparent communication which I would like to bring to the role of Dentistry School President when voicing concerns of both students and staff. Making sure everyone is being fairly represented both within the dental school and wider university community is a vital component, which can only be facilitated through working together as a team.

  • Facilitate an open transparent system of communication between the students and staff of the dental school
  • Represent the students of the dental school in the wider university community
  • Liaising with class reps to ensure that each years concerns are being voiced