Vice President of Communications and Campaigns

On this page you can find out more about the Vice President of Communications and Campaigns role and its responsibilities.

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Vice President of Communications and Campaigns

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

This Role Might be for You if You:

Have experience in writing/editorial work and/or social media advertising

Have experience of, or be willing to learn, graphic management programs such as Adobe Photoshop

You are highly organized and able to prioritise your workload while working under pressure

Enjoy public speaking/public relations

Are a creative thinker who enjoys finding new ways to communicate and engage with students

Are a skilled proof-reader with high attention to detail

About the Role

The VPCC role is incredibly diverse, as you will be involved in the planning and promotion of almost all DUSA’s student services and related events. Staying focused and organised at all times is essential to ensure you can provide the time and support required for these various campaigns. You will also oversee the production of relevant graphics by liaising with the Executive team DUSA’s designers.

Overseeing all forms of student-facing communications; social media; website blog articles; printed publications; posters; press releases and more. The VPCC must make sure all content is accurate and targeted to the students/staff who will benefit from the services advertised.

In addition to this, you will manage and oversee the progress of DUSA Media, a dedicated team of student volunteers who run their own communication channels.


  • 28 Days of annual leave. (Mandatory 10 working day leave during winter break)
  • Flexible working hours – Sometimes you will have commitments which are outside of regular working hours. These hours worked can be taken in leave at other times
  • Full-time Job Training
  • Learning and development opportunities in a range of different environments on an almost infinite variety of topics and skills within DUSA, the University and multiple external organisations
  • Develop excellent digital and communication skills
  • Gain valued work experience and training opportunities with professionals within event management, campaign planning, digital marketing, public relations, team management, academic support and many more
  • Join the DUSA team and work alongside other dedicated student representatives, looking to give back to the community
  • Develop budget and management skills, while gaining an insight into the operations of a charitable organisation

Key Responsibilities







Weekly: (the things you must do day to day)




  • Organise and prepare content for Executive campaigns and events
  • Leading and guiding DUSA Media outlets on media related issues
  • Be present at various meetings and chair the Campaigns Forum, and Media Guidance Panel
  • Attending allocated School’s academic meetings to represent students’ opinions
  • Ensuring media, communications strategies, and content are integrated across all communications online and offline
  • Undertake weekly shifts at DUSA’s advice centre, The Hive, supporting and advising students face to face
  • Propose new content, concepts and ideas for campaigns/events
  • Monitor student related matters in the media, both local and national
  • Liaise closely with the University’s Internal Communications Department on press matters
  • Photograph pastoral events and initiatives for archives and promotion
  • Support your fellow Executive members in various campaigns – working as a close team on a daily basis to achieve more than you could alone




Other important responsibilities include:




  • Support the preparation and creation of DUSA’s Annual Report
  • Maintain oversight of all DUSA campaigns
  • Take a lead role in the planning of DUSA’s Winter Market
  • You are also a spokesperson in absence of President, as the only other Executive member authorised to speak on behalf of DUSA
  • Consult with DUSA’s various departments, when needed, to ensure external communications meet the organisations values and principles (this includes Fridge magazine).



What You’ll Work On

First Three Months

  • You will be expected to learn how to use DUSA’s many social media channels, produce new content, and delicate design work effectively
  • Familiarise yourself with DUSA’s internal operations and practices
  • Begin generating stories, delivering key messages and communicating with target student groups
  • Drafting press releases and schedule social media content
  • Order merchandise to advertise and engage with students
  • Produce an advertising schedule, detailing the 2018/19 events planned by DUSA Exec
  • Plan and execute a ‘Welcome’ campaign during Freshers Week to introduce the new DUSA Exec
  • Coordinate the advertisement of Fresher’s Fair and other events.

Three – Twelve Months

  • Liaise with DUSA Senior Management to compile the Annual Report for the entire organization
  • Assist in communicating the SRC Elections, coordinate and support Executive Election process
  • Support other exec members in the planing of their campaigns
  • Be at the forefront of all DUSA’s student-facing communications, especially those organised by DUSA Exec
  • Widen your knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital and printed media
  • Learn how to be a confident communicator, presenter and negotiator
  • Begin liaising with the school that you are placed as lead representative for
  • Preparing handover documents for the incoming VPCC

Your Success Will be Measured by:

Positive responses from campaigns and the number of attendees at DUSA Exec related events

An increased number of subscribers/social media followers

The level of DUSA Exec awareness on campus

University staff awareness of relevant DUSA events and student support we offer

Positive feedback from publications you have produced, such as DUSA Annual Report

Accurate proof-reading of DUSA’s external communications

The success and awareness of DUSA Media

The strategic objectives you help achieve for DUSA, through working with our senior management team

Dates for your Diary



  • Nominations will close at 16:00, 5th April 2019
  • Exec info sessions 15:30 3ed & 4th of April 2019, in Carnegie Suite. (Mandatory)
  • Candidates Briefing will take place at 6-7:30pm, 12th April 2019, in Carnegie Suite.
  • Formal Campaigning begins 12th April, after Candidates Briefing (all candidates must have a candidates briefing prior to campaigning)
  • Voting opens 21:00, 12th April 2019
  • Hustings 18:30, 15th April 2019
  • Voting closes 15:00, 17th April 2019
  • Results 17:00, 17th April 2019


Nominations close in