DUSA President

On this page you can find out more about the DUSA President role and its responsibilities.

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Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

This Role Might be for You if You:

Enjoy public speaking

Can chair a meeting with a variety of knowledge and opinions and steer it to diplomatic solutions

Pride yourself on being an effective communicator

Can stand your ground, respectfully

Have experience in a fast-paced environment

Thrive in creative and pressured environments

Can effectively network with people from various backgrounds

Have a degree of bravery and confidence in your own abilities and beliefs

Enjoy being a team player and leading a team

About the Role

The role of President is made up of a vast multitude of different responsibilities. If elected, you will have the privilege of being the Executive’s team leader and co-spokesperson of DUSA, and the lead representative within the University.

Each of these responsibilities presents a different challenge. However, one constant is that you will rely on your team of Vice-Presidents and advisory staff. This requires the President to be a team player who is prepared to support their team regardless of the challenges that you collectively face. You need to be impartial with your teams views and be willing to make hard decisions when needed.

Within the University you will sit on a vast number of committees. This requires gaining a basic understanding of everything DUSA does and is working on, rather than having in-depth knowledge of any singular subject or project. While this may seem daunting, the opportunity to work across so many fields and on so many different projects provides endless learning opportunities and, most importantly, a chance to connect with some truly inspiring individuals. This is your chance to shape and improve the future of current and incoming students.

All in all, President is the perfect role for someone who likes working with people, networking (yes this means many free lunches and dinners) and being a collective voice for students!


  • Being a Trustee of a large charity.
  • Exposed to complex organisations.
  • 28 Days of annual leave. (Mandatory 10 working day leave during winter break)
  • Flexible working hours – Sometimes you will have commitments which are outside of regular working hours. These hours worked can be taken in leave at other times
  • Learning and development opportunities in a range of different environments on an almost infinite variety of topics and skills within DUSA, the University and multiple external organisations
  • Full-time job training
  • Join the DUSA team and work alongside other dedicated student representatives, looking to give back to the community
  • Gain valued work experience and training opportunities with professionals within event management, campaign planning, digital marketing, public relations, team management, academic support and many more

Key Responsibilities



Weekly: (the things you must do day to day)


  • Represent students on multiple committees within DUSA and the University
  • Have informal catch ups with various managers and directors
  • Chair various committees
  • Responding to 100s of emails from students, university staff, DUSA Management and External organisations to name a few
  • Respond to students complaints/suggestions/feedback
  • Run DUSAs advice centre, The Hive, supporting and advising students face to face
  • Ensure DUSA is on track to achieve its goals and objectives both in relation to our charitable purposes and our various commercial operations which support those charitable purposes
  • Working alongside the VPCC as the co-spokesperson of DUSA to respond to press enquiries and other official communications etc.
  • Support your fellow Exec members in various campaigns – working as a close team on a daily basis to achieve more than you could alone.


Other important responsibilities include:


  • Ensure University is held to account
  • Attend Court (Governing body of University), Senate and DUSA Board
  • Ensure students are aware of the many campaigns you are involved with, including those arranged with UoD
  • Opportunity to help organise projects that you are passionate about, which benefit the students you represent


What You’ll Work On

First Three Months

  • Gain an understanding of DUSA and the University’s structures
  • Organise our partnership with the Sports Union
  • Become familiar with DUSA’s Heads of Departments, Senior Management and External Trustees
  • Form connections with University’s key staff
  • Network with other Student Presidents
  • Meet with the Presidents of the Schools you represent to understand their needs.
  • Help plan elements of Freshers
  • Work alongside the VPA to analyse NSS results and liaise with the relevant stakeholders to form plans

Three – Twelve Months

  • Various campaigns; both DUSA’s and the University’s
  • Begin liaising with the school that you are placed as lead representative for
  • Advance manifesto objectives
  • Hold and Chair various meetings
  • Liaise with UoD’s Vice President of Learning and Teaching on various issues
  • Constantly representing students on committees

Your Success Will be Measured by:

The opinions of students, the Board, University staff and your fellow Exec and Exec support team members

By showing evidence of how you met your campaign policies and any further pledges you made in your manifesto

The effectiveness of your Exec team

The success of awareness campaigns you organise and support

The strategic objectives you help achieve for DUSA, through working with our senior management team

Dates for your Diary



  • Nominations will close at 16:00, 5th April 2019
  • Exec info sessions 15:30 3ed & 4th of April 2019, in Carnegie Suite. (Mandatory)
  • Candidates Briefing will take place at 6-7:30pm, 12th April 2019, in Carnegie Suite.
  • Formal Campaigning begins 12th April, after Candidates Briefing (all candidates must have a candidates briefing prior to campaigning)
  • Voting opens 21:00, 12th April 2019
  • Hustings 18:30, 15th April 2019
  • Voting closes 15:00, 17th April 2019
  • Results 17:00, 17th April 2019


Nominations close in