DUSA Elections

Discover the positions available; the work involved and the skills you’ll need be a successful DUSA Exec member. You can only apply for one position, so consider which role best matches your skill and career aspirations.

Being elected as a member of the  DUSA Executive is a unique career opportunity available only to University of Dundee students. The DUSA Exec are eight annually elected students, consisting of six full-time paid sabbatical positions (meaning you can either take a year out from your studies, or join the DUSA Exec after you graduate) and two voluntary part-time non-sabbatical positions (meaning you can hold this position while studying).

You will join a dedicated team of student representatives and staff who work to tirelessly to ensure that our students’ voices are heard at the University and Students’ Association.

The Executive are also Trustees of Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA), and as a Trustee you will work with external Board members to ensure that DUSA is working towards achieving its charitable purposes and Business Strategy. Trustees are also responsible for ensuring that the Association is governed correctly and meeting its legal obligations.

As a member of the DUSA Exec you will work in a challenging environment which will allow you to develop your knowledge and skills. Across your time in office you will work and learn from a range of professionals in management; student support; public relations; marketing; event planning; health and safety; and much more.

Student Reps

If you’re looking for a part-time voluntary role, that you can do while your study, check out our available Student Rep positions – become a voice for students and influence change.

Make Change

Being an Exec member provides the opportunity to put your ideas into action


Improve student life in Dundee and represent those in need of support

Launch Your Career

Gain work experience and valued industry skills


Build connections within your area of expertise

DUSA Exec might be for you if you:

Can work effectively as part of a team, but are also a hardworking self-motivated individual

You will primarily work with your fellow Executive, senior management, advisory staff, University management and fellow student representatives. As part of the team you will support and share projects to achieve your collective goals. You will also be responsible for a set of important duties and projects which you will be solely accountable for. Self-motivation is essential to ensure you stay on top of your workload.

Are willing to work outside of regular hours on occasion

You will be required to attend many meetings and events, some of which will fall out-with normal working hours. However, any additional hours you work can be taken back as flexi time at a later date.

Can handle the responsibilities of being a trustee

DUSA is a £6 million pound charitable organisation, here to represent the students at the University of Dundee. As a trustee of the organisation you will undertake a range of important duties whilst working alongside DUSA and University Senior Management and Operations staff to provide the best service for our members.

Can present yourself as the respectable face and voice of DUSA both in and out of work

As a student representative you will often work alongside key members of University staff and local businesses. As such, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. You will also become a recognisable face to our students and you should uphold the values DUSA represents at all times.

Are a welcoming, compassionate and caring individual

At times your responsibilities as a student representative will require supporting students in distress. You may also find yourself in situations where your actions could determine if a student is allowed to continue their studies. Being able to put your own views to one side and be there to support a student in need is vital. 

Can hit the ground running

Be a DUSA Exec member is truly a unique work experience and shortly after being elected you will be given training to take on significant responsibilities.  Getting off to a good start will influence how successful you will be throughout your year in office.

The Eight Exec Roles

Each role is unique and focuses on a different aspect of student representation.

You can only apply for one role, so choose carefully. We have 6 full-time sabbatical positions, perfect for launching your post-graduate career. There are also two voluntary non-sabbatical roles providing all the experience of the DUSA Exec while you’re still studying.


Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

The President acts as the lead representative, figurehead and spokesperson for DUSA and for all University of Dundee students. The President advocates on behalf of students’ at a local, national and international level. The President is responsible for managing and supporting the DUSA Exec to achieve their manifesto goals, working closely with the Trustee Board Chair and senior management to meet strategic objectives and ensure DUSA works towards its charitable purposes.

Vice President of Academia

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

The Vice President of Academia (VPA) leads on enhancing the student learning experience and works closely with the University to develop quality assurance in education, equal opportunities and international student relations. The VPA also works with the Student Advice and Welfare Co-ordinator to offer advice, support and representation for students facing academic issues, appeals, mitigating circumstances and fitness to practise The VPA also deputises for the President when they are not available.

Vice President of Communications & Campaigns

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

The Vice President of Communications & Campaigns (VPCC) focuses on promoting, developing and supporting the associations’ communications both internally and externally. The VPCC utilises a variety of outlets including social media, printed publicity, video advertising and national media, to connect with students and oversees the development of graphic design, the organisations’ campaigns and the student media.

Vice President of Student Activities

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

The Vice President of Student Activities (VPSA) oversees the management of over 160 societies at DUSA and supports students to find new opportunities to develop their interests, talents and skills outside their academic studies. The VPSA works closely with the Volunteers Coordinator to engage students in extracurricular opportunities and with DUSA and University staff to ensure that students have access to the best facilities and resources across the campuses.

Vice President of Representation

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

Responsible for facilitating student representation throughout the University, the Vice President of Representation (VPR) coordinates all student elections, training for representatives and is the first point of contact for any related matters. Overseeing and working with SRC Councillors, School Presidents, Vice Presidents and Class Representatives, the VPR plays a key part in ensuring communication and representation is strong throughout the University.

Vice President of Student Welfare

Sabbatical Full-time Role – Over £18,000 Annual Salary

The Vice President of Student Welfare (VPSW) is responsible for leading DUSA’s welfare campaigns including sexual health, mental health wellbeing and healthy living. The VPSW liaises closely with the University of Dundee’s student services and signpost where relevant.

Vice President of Engagement

Non-Sabbatical Voluntary Role

The Vice President of Engagement is responsible for social and cultural integration within the student community. The post holder will aim to increase involvement and engagement of students through a range of activities, including student representation, campus politics, student activities, fundraising, and more.

Vice President of Fundraising

Non-Sabbatical Voluntary Role

The Vice President of Fundraising is the lead representative for the Raising and Giving (RAG) campaign, managing the election of DUSA’s annual RAG charity and having oversight on any related RAG projects across the year. They will also focus on working with charity-orientated societies and assist where possible.

Dates for your Diary



  • Nominations open 18 May
  • “What it means to be an Exec” Session. All candidates must attend the event on one of the following dates: 27 May 15:00 -16:00 For more info contact: ssquire@dusa.co.uk 

  • Nominations close 29 May at 12noon
  • Candidates Briefings (Mandatory) 29 May, at 3pm. After nominations close you will be invited to attend this online meeting via Teams.
  • Hustings (Online) June 3
  • Voting opens 1 June at 12noon
  • Voting closes 5 June 12noon
  • Results 5 June
  • Handover (Mandatory, Monday - Friday 9-5pm) 8- 26 June