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Who are the SRC?

The SRC is a forum that ensures the student voice is heard on campus and works to improve your education, facilities, environment and right to a quality University experience. This September you can stand to be elected as a member of the SRC and make change happen.

The SRC meets four times a semester to discuss issues that matter to our students and develop solutions and answers to big questions on campus. Being a member of the SRC not only looks good on your CV, it helps your personal and professional development with new skills which can be applied both at university and in your career.

If you’re interested in running and want to find out more before nominating yourself you can contact VRP@DUSA.co.uk

Running for a position on the SRC was one of the best decisions I made at University. People often think of nominating themselves so they can boost their CV and improve their employability, but being an SRC Councillor is so much more than that. I started off as Humanities President, and after a great year of working alongside the other representatives, I had gained the skills and the confidence to become a member of the Exec, so I could help push for even more change. The SRC is a fantastic platform – for university improvement, and for personal improvement. Get involved! Improve, impact, influence.


Vice President of Representation, DUSA The Union

In the last two years the SRC has:


Got you 24 hour Library access leading up to the exam period

Created LGBT+ and BME representation on the Council


Lobbied the University to review exam cheating and invigilation

Successfully challenged the Tampon Tax in all campus shops

How to nominate yourself

Step 1: Choose a role & get endorsed

You can run for only one position so choose wisely – you will find descriptions of each role on this page. Once you have chosen, you can begin the nomination process where you will need the matriculation numbers of at least two UoD students to support your nomination.

Step 2: Download the Nomination Pack

The Nomination Pack contains all you need to know about running your campaign and the election process.

Step 3: Submit your nomination

Once you have read the nomination pack you can fill out the online form found here. You will need to provide a picture of yourself (square image of at least 500×500 pixles, on a white background), your campaign poster, three campaign policies and a candidate statement.

Important dates for your diary:

  • Wednesday 14th September 2016, 3pm – Nominations close
  • Wednesday 21st September 2016, 4pm – Candidates briefing
  • Wednesday 28th September 2016, 9am – Voting opens
  • Friday 30th September 2016, 3pm – Voting closes
  • Friday 30th September 2016, 7pm – SRC elections results party
  • Tuesday 4th October 2016 6pm – SRC Training workshop and first meeting

SRC roles and remits

Please find information on some of the key roles that each position is responsible for. You can only run for one so please read carefully and contact Liam Graham for more information about the roles VPR@DUSA.co.uk
Learning and Teaching Representative
  • Focus on improving learning and teaching provision across campus
  • Work closely with DUSA’s Deputy President and UoD Vice Principle of Learning and Teaching
  • Provide student feedback on key changes to learning and teaching at the University
Facilities Representative
  • Work with the Library and Learning Centre and Estates and Buildings to improve student learning and recreation facilities
  • Feedback student views and concerns
  • Work with the DUSA Executive to improve student facilities
First Year Representative
  • Focus on improving services and facilities for first year students
  • Feedback on student issues to key DUSA and University leads
  • Work with key University services to tackle 1st year academic and welfare issues
International Students Representative
  • Work with DUSA Executives and lead University services on helping improve international students experience
  • Collate and feedback student views on the welfare, recreational and academic services they receive
  • Help develop campaigns to make international students feel welcome and at home
Taught Postgraduate Representative
  • Provide a voice and feedback from Taught Postgraduate students
  • Work with a range of welfare and academic services to meet student needs
  • Lobby and campaign for better services
Research Postgraduate Representative
  • Ensure that Research Postgraduates voice and feedback is heard
  • Highlight and work with University and DUSA services to improve their experience
  • Help create a community for Research Postgraduates
Mature Student Representative
  • Focus on collating and feeding back on Mature students’ needs
  • Work with DUSA and University services to improve student experience
  • Create a community for mature students
Equality, Diversity and Welfare Representative
  • Work with other DUSA and SRC representatives to make sure equality and diversity is at the forefront of our work
  • Help campaign on equality and diversity and welfare issues
  • Collate and provide feedback on issues and problems to University and DUSA services
Black & Minority Ethnic Representative
  • Collate and represent the views of students who identify within the BME community
  • Work with University and DUSA to improve service provision for BME identifying students
  • Help promote engagement in key student matters
LGBT+ Representative
  • Collate and represent the views of students who identify within the LGBT+ community
  • Work with University and DUSA to improve service provision for LGBT+ identifying students
  • Help promote engagement in key student matters
Disabilities Representative
  • Collate and represent the views of students who identify within the disabled community
  • Work with University and DUSA to improve service provision for disable identifying students
  • Help promote engagement in key student matters
Employability Representative
  • Work with DUSA and University services to provide employability opportunities
  • Help promote extra-curricular employment activities
  • Work with the Enterprise Gym to explore entrepreneurship opportunities
Housing Representative
  • Work with the University Halls representatives to gain student views on accommodation
  • Work with DUSA to identify and feedback issues which students face living out with the University
  • Help on engaging students in Housing campaigns
Environment and Sustainability Representative
  • Work with the University and DUSA to lead on Environmental campaigns
  • Lobby the University and DUSA to ensure environmental and sustainability change
  • Feedback on student environment issues
General Representatives x3
  • Support the work of fellow SRC Councillors
  • Collate and feedback student issues to DUSA and University services
  • Help support the lobbying and campaigning work of the SRC and DUSA

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