Avalible SRC Role for 2019-2020: Disabilities’ Representative

The Disabilities’ Representative ensures a strong voice for disabled students on the Students’ Representative Council and we are looking for someone to fulfill this role! The SRC is an elected student group that helps make decisions regarding student life. This role will allow all students who have a disability (visible and non-visible) to feel more empowered, have a voice, and ensure that there are no barriers to education.

To put yourself forward for this position, you simply need to complete the below form with your manifesto with three policies before Friday 15 November at 12pm. You will then be invited to attend the SRC meeting taking place on Tuesday 19 November, where you will be asked to provide a short speech declaring why you should be elected into this role. The elected members of the SRC will then hold a vote to determine the successful candidate.

If you would like more information about the role, please contact our VPR, Olaf, for more information VPR@DUSA.co.uk

Disabilities' Representative Nomination Form

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