DUSA Election Results – Meet Your Next Student Reps


2017/18 DUSA Exec

President: Sean O'Connor

Vice President of Academia: Ellen Brooks

Vice President of Communications and Campaigns: Ana Ranceva

Vice President of Student Activities: Sofia Skevofylaka

Vice President of Representation: Alex Muir

Vice President of Student Welfare: Caroline Goodliffe

Vice President of Engagement: Toni McKinney

Vice President of Fundraising: Ezichi Kerstin Ekpe

2017/18 School Presidents

School of Dentistry President: Emma Ward

School of Education and Social Work President: Lauren Duncan

Science and Engineering President: Joely Nicol

Humanities School President: Julia Holderer

School of Life Sciences President: Yasmin Odabashy

School of Social Sciences President: Mark Pelosi

School of Art and Design President: Charlie Kleboe-Rogers

School of Nursing and Health Sciences President: Gary Jordan

2017/18 SRC Chairperson

SRC Chairperson: Matilda Sherwood