Running for a Position

Nominations are now open for the DUSA Exec, School Presidents, SRC Chair, Independent Member of Court and our next RAG charity for Academic Year 2019/20. You also have a chance to submit nominations for new University of Dundee Rector.

Within these pages you will find out more about these various positions. To nominate yourself go to from the 14th of January 2019. Make sure submit your nomination before they close on February 8th.


Check out your candidates, read their statement and policies and decide who gets your vote!

Remember to cast your votes between Wednesday 28th 7:30pm – Thursday 8th March 5pm


The DUSA Exec are your lead representatives at DUSA and the University. Find out more about the six full-time paid positions and two part-time voluntary positions.

Student Reps

With these voluntary positions you have the opportunity to influence your school, peers or the University by lobbying on issues that are important to students.


As part of DUSA’s efforts to get students involved in volunteer work and support the local community, every year we ask you to elect one local charity, which we will fundraise for throughout the next academic year. 



The Rector is there to represent the views of students at University Court, the highest governing body, and this is also independent of DUSA. Previous Rectors has included Stephen Fry, Fred MacAulay and Lorraine Kelly.

Dates for your Diary



  • Monday 14th January  – Nominations open
  • 30th, 31st January and 1st February – What it means to be an Exec sessions 
  • Friday 8th February – Nominations close
  • Monday 11th February – Deadline for colour scheme preference
  • Wednesday 20th February  – Candidates briefing on elections
  • Thursday 21st February – Deadline for candidate publicity budget plan
  • Thursday 21st February - Campaining begins
  • Friday 22nd February – Launch Party, Hustings (Mandatory Exec and IMC) and voting opens (19:00)
  • Monday 25th February  – Rector Hustings  
  • Thursday 28th February 17:00  – Voting closes
  • Friday 1st March  – Election Results party
  • 3rd – 14th June – Mandatory Executive Handover Training

Nominations Close in