Can I leave my Private Residential Tenancy (PRT)?

If you are the sole tenant, you can give 28 days’ notice in writing to leave your tenancy. You are liable for the rent for this period. If you are a joint tenant, you can only give notice if all the tenants agree to do so. If your flatmates do not wish to leave, it may still be possible for you to leave the tenancy but you would need to negotiate with your flatmates/landlord. Please contact if you need more advice or help.

Can my landlord make me leave my PRT?

The PRT is open-ended so you don’t need to leave on a specific date. The landlord can only make you leave if they have a court order. They cannot just change the locks. If they do this this would be an illegal eviction and you can contact the police. The Scottish government has been very clear that landlords should not be evicting tenants suffering financial hardship due to the pandemic. At the moment they have to give you six months’ notice (in most cases) that they are looking to seek a court order. There is a ban on evictions being carried out in most cases until March 31. Unless the government renews this legislation it will revert to the notice period outlined in your tenancy agreement. However, they still need a court order to evict. Please contact if you need further help.

Can I leave my purpose built student accommodation?

At the moment you can give 28 days’ notice to end your tenancy regardless of what it says in the tenancy agreement. This is a change brought in in response to the pandemic and only applies if your reason for giving notice is covid-related. The legislation for this expires on March 31 unless renewed so this would be the last day you could give notice. Normally you would not be able to give notice and could only end these tenancies early by coming to agreement with the landlord. You can contact for further advice.

My student accommodation provider is asking for evidence of my reasons, do I need to provide this?

This is not clear as the legislation does not mention this. The legislation has no guidance and there is no case in law to refer to. All it says is the reason must be covid-related. Therefore if you do not wish to provide evidence we would argue that you are not obliged to do so. You can seek further advice from

Can my landlord make me leave my purpose-built student accommodation?

The current government guidance is focused on preventing homelessness so if you cannot leave on the date originally agreed you should speak to your landlord to see if you can come to some arrangement with them to stay on. You can contact for further help.

I am in Halls provided through the university/Sanctuary Students, can I end my contract?

Yes, the advice here is the same as for private halls. Contact and they will be able to help.

I have a different type of tenancy, what can I do?

Please contact for further advice.

I want to end my tenancy but I have belongings in the property, can I return to collect them?

The Scottish Government advises that you should not return to Dundee to collect belongings and suggests you should try to make arrangements with the landlord. If this is not possible then the guidance does allow for you to return as a one-off occasion to collect belongings. You should follow the guidance on moving home – and travel –

I am in financial hardship, is there help available for me?

The Student Funding Unit may be able to assist from discretionary funds. Details can be found here –

I am currently living alone and struggling with isolation, where can I get help?

Students can still access the university counselling service –  They a have a self-help guide here – Many societies are still running online events –

My landlord is delaying in making repairs, is there anything I can do?

Landlords have the same responsibilities during the pandemic as at other times. They have a reasonable length of time to do repairs which will depend on what the repair is. This may be longer at the moment due to covid guidance but essential repairs should be being carried out. Please contact for more advice.

Can my landlord carry out inspections or viewings in person?

Ideally non-essential visits should not go ahead in person. If you are self-isolating or shielding you should advise your landlord of this if you can’t allow access for this reason. Many landlords are now doing video viewings and this is a suggestion you could make. If you need further assistance please contact

I have concerns, where can I get more advice?

You can contact for further advice. Other useful resources include;

Shelter Scotland –

Citizens Advice Scotland –

Scottish Government Guidance –

University covid guidance –