Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our latest information and current opening hours for our venues and services

Updated 26th April 2021


Open Venues

The Liar

Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00

Saturday-Sunday 12:00-19:00

The Terrace

Monday-Friday 09:00-22:00

Saturday-Sunday 12:00-22:00

The Premier

Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00

Saturday-Sunday 12:00-18:00

Ninewells Shop

Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00

Night Bus

Monday-Sunday 19:00-23:00

Games Room

Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00


Monday-Friday 10:00-14:00

Closed Venues

Closed venues will reopen in 2021 when government guidance allows. Check this page for regular updates.


DJCAD Cantina

Library Café


The Scottish Government has been releasing new guidance on what restrictions will be in place over the coming months. Due to the ever-changing restrictions, it has been incredibly difficult to inform you of what society events can and cannot happen on campus. The latest guidance issued has allowed us to provide some degree of certainty, but this will inevitably change in the coming days and weeks.

Unfortunately, there will be no in-person events for societies and committees at this moment in time.

The guidance limits gatherings to up to six people from two households when meeting outdoors and indoors. Due to the low number cap, it is not feasible for societies to hold events. In light of this, and following guidance, we’ve made the difficult decision to ask that all meetings be held online. We ask that any society committee meetings/general society meetings also be held online until further notice. For those of you who have scheduled AGM’s to take place on campus in semester one, we ask that you hold these online. Please email if you are unsure on how to proceed with this.

You can use Teams or Zoom to conduct any society gatherings. Teams is the recommended platform as you do not need to pay for a license to use it!

As DUSA affiliated societies, you have public liability insurance for your events which is covered by DUSA. This insurance does not apply unless you follow the rules we have put in place. As a Students’ Association, we are responsible for ensuring that society events are safe for all students in attendance. We understand that this will be difficult and that it is not what you were expecting, but we are closely monitoring government guidance and frequently seek advice from Dundee City Council and Police Scotland for clarification. Local lockdowns in Scotland are possible, such as those recently in Aberdeen and Glasgow, so we are actively working to help prevent this from happening to Dundee. Important to note is that if your online events involve anything active (cooking, dancing etc.), you must send a risk assessment to DUSA’s Operations Manager, Chris, at

Events with no/extremely limited face-to-face contact may be permitted in the future, but we cannot currently authorise this. If you wish to meet up as friends to chat in person, this is allowed but only under the current government guidance of seeing family or friends. Online events should be the default option.

Sports: If you are a member of the Sports Union/ISE, you may follow their guidance on sporting activities. As a society, like with all in-person events, you cannot hold events focused on sports.

Food and Drink: Government guidance states that you are not allowed to share food or utensils, so events where food and/or drink are shared are not permitted. DUSA will have safety measures and precautions in please when our catering and bar facilities are open again.

Performances – Theatre / Music: Live events are allowed within the government guidelines, but we are still awaiting more information due to the restrictions on suitable venues.

Following this guidance, we will be regularly issuing updates when changes are made to current restrictions. For the updated and latest government guidance, please see this link:

If you have any further questions please contact


This page will get updated with more questions and more information once we know more.

The most commonly asked questions are outlined below:

When will the guidance on events change?

This is entirely determined by the Scottish Government, local council and Police Scotland. Currently, DUSA’s priority is reopening the building with as many safety precautions in place as possible. We are working with the University to accommodate for in-person events as soon as we can and are in discussion on what events can be held in University buildings upon their re-open.

Do you have any guidance on how to hold virtual events?

We are currently looking into purchasing a software that will allow us to host an array of events for you online. Many events that you would normally hold in person can be transitioned online, including quizzes, meet ups, Netflix parties (in place of movie nights) and guest talks.

What is happening with the Freshers Fair?

Under the current guidance we would not be able to hold an in-person Freshers Fair. The Fair will be conducted online, with details yet to be determined. It is likely the Fair will be held on Zoom, where each society has a designated ‘breakout room.’ Zoom incorporates Eventbrite tickets, which would allow students to enter these breakout rooms. As more information becomes available about this, you will be informed.

How do we sign people up to our societies?

We don’t have a set way in how to proceed with this, but the use of Eventbrite is recommended. You can set your membership price as your event fee, and this would then allow you to track the names and contact details of those signing up to your society, alongside their payment. DUSA has company account with Eventbrite which reduces the booking fee associated with using it. Another option could be to use Google Forms to gather the required information, where you could then email them bank details to pay their fee. You may wish for all membership fees to go directly to one bank account (for example, your society Treasurers bank account), where you can then transfer it in bulk to your DUSA society bank account for simplicity. Please ensure you follow GDPR guidelines when handling all members data and ensure your privacy policy is in place. The VPSA will be sending a template privacy policy and GDPR guidelines out shortly.

(In future) How will test and protect / event signups be handled?

We need to ensure that future events have capped numbers. Fully ticketed events, even those that are free, helps to manage numbers at events. It also provides the opportunity to collect track and trace information. We are exploring the best way to do this, but it should be expected that all events will be ticketed via Eventbrite or even just a simple Microsoft form.

Planning Future Events

This section provides some things to think about for planning events in the future. As mentioned above, we are currently not approving in-person events.

As a society committee, we know you will be keen to host any event possible, but please keep in mind the latest guidance from the Scottish Government and stay informed of the regular updates that are being made. We are happy to provide any advice and support that we can. In the first instance please email

In-person events will also be affected by limits to the number of participants. In particular, the household limit will limit things more than you might expect (two households/6 people could end up being 2 people for example).

This is all subject to change and we hope to be able to recommence events in the near future. Our ability to do so largely depends on progress through Scotland’s Route Map and a relaxation on the restrictions around gatherings. As already mentioned, we do not know when this will take place. However, you can still plan ahead for future events and below we have included an outline of what would be required.

Event Checklist 

  1. Arrange a venue – ideally utilising outdoor spaces if possible.
  2. Anticipate the possibility that your event may not be able to go ahead and try to have a back-up plan in place.
  3. Write a risk assessment for your event and share this with us. This will need to include risks identified due to COVID-19 and the measures you will implement to mitigate this risk. The VPSA will shortly send out a draft risk assessment.
  4. Create an event page whereby you can regularly update prospective attendees with information on the event and the steps you will be taking to ensure safety.
  5. Set an event capacity (this will be dependent on a number of factors such as the latest guidance, size/nature of venue, type of event taking place etc.)

Welfare services

The Hive is closed until further notice.

We are still offering advice and support via our online services – please email

If you need to talk to someone, Nightline is still running their phone service each night, 20:00-08:00 via: +44 (0)1382 381183

Academic advice

A mitigating circumstance is any situation, beyond your control, which has temporarily prevented you from undertaking an assessment or has significantly impaired your performance.

If your studies have been directly affected by unique issues beyond your control, we can support you via

Housing Advice

All face-to-face drop in sessions for housing advice are suspended until further notice.

All of our housing services can still be accessed via email inquiry via

A message from your Rector, Jim Spence.

Coronavirus outbreak

We are monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak very closely and are taking government advised precautions to protect our members.

Our services and opening hours will change in response to new developments and advice.

The latest status of our services are as follows.

Keep up to date with the latest information and guidance on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak from the University of Dundee.