You may have seen or heard about the results of the National Student Survey which were announced today. The University of Dundee was ranked 2nd in Scotland and 9th in the UK for overall student satisfaction.

This is a terrific performance that shows that once again students are extremely satisfied with their experience here at the University of Dundee. This doesn’t mean that everything is perfect; rather it shows us which areas we are performing well in and where we can improve.

Over the coming weeks Ellen, your Vice President of Academia, and I will be working closely with the University to plan ways through which we can address the issues that have been highlighted within the survey to improve the student experience further for you, our students.

This year DUSA came 2nd in Scotland and 18th in the UK. Whilst this is a position which nearly every Students Association in Britain would be delighted about, we have the ambition to be the best in Scotland and the UK.

We know that The Union delivers one of the best nights out in Scotland, but we don’t think that students know how much support and representation their £1 vodkas help fund.

We provide fantastic Academic Support and Representation, brilliant Welfare Advice and Support and an empowering Representation structure that means your voice is heard, valued and acted upon throughout the University

Over the coming year we at DUSA are going to dedicate a lot of time and effort into making our students far more aware of the power that they have through DUSA, highlighting the changes and victories achieved by students and the DUSA Exec.

Over the next three years we are also going to make several big changes to the Student and Academic Representation structures to ensure that our Student Reps have every opportunity to make changes to improve your student experience, and ensure your student voice is listened to and acted upon.

Finally, we are also going to improve our approach to Welfare, making sure that we try to help you before things go wrong as well as after to create a warm and welcoming student community where you can achieve your full academic potential. Look out for our Manifesto which will be released soon for more details about what DUSA will do for you as students over the coming year.

Congratulations to the University of Dundee and DUSA for another fantastic year and to you, the students, for you are at the heart of this University and all its success. Now here is to the coming year where together we will try our utmost hardest to take over St Andrews and return to our position as the best Students Association in Scotland and exceed our previous rankings to become the best in the UK.

Looking for Advice?

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