Do you have a lecturer that goes above and beyond what you would expect from them? Or, someone who makes a real difference to your student experience? Or do they give great feedback on assessments that stands out from everything else you have received? Is their method of teaching creative and innovative in comparison to your other classes? Or are they overall an inspiration to yourself and/or others? If any of the above applies to any of the staff you deal with (academic and non-academic) please take five minutes and nominate them for one of our Student Led Teaching Awards!


The SLTAs is our way of thanking the extraordinary people at this University who make such a massive impact on students through their work. All nominees will receive an SLTA mug as recognition of their achievement, and if shortlisted both the nominator (you!) and nominated person will be invited to attend the annual SLTA’s ceremony on 10th May 2019. This will consist of a three course meal and awards presentation all for free!

Nominations open on the Monday 1st February 2019 and close on Monday 18th March 2019. Visit this page between these dates to nominate using the form below!



Most Inspirational Teaching

There are three awards available in this category. In this category we are looking for an engaging and inspirational teacher who has drawn the best out of their students. We are looking for someone who has maximised the academic potential of individuals through the care, dedication and inspiration they bring to their teaching.

Innovation in Teaching

“Innovation means first different, then better. That is, innovating is a fundamentally different way of doing things that result in considerably better, and perhaps different, outcomes.” The winner of this award will be someone who has used new and inventive methods of teaching in order to engage and heighten students’ education. For example, an individual who has focused on innovative ways of carrying out lab work, studio based teaching, seminars etc. or someone who teaches their lectures in an exciting way you’ve never seen before. We are looking for someone who has moved away from the standard lecture or tutorial format and provides something different and exciting that supports your learning.

Best Feedback and Assessment

Do you feel that one teacher in particular has provided you with incredibly constructive feedback? Has someone taken the time to carefully explain how you can learn from your mistakes or improve upon already positive academic work? Then they might be a potential winner in this category. Here we are looking for someone who has worked with you to develop your academic performance through feedback on your assessments and/or examinations. If you feel you have benefited from excellence in feedback then nominate your lecturer or tutor for this award.

Best Adviser or Personal Tutor

Every student is assigned a member of academic staff to provide academic advice and support. You might only meet this person at the start of each academic year – however, the best student advisers maintain contact with their students and help them effectively resolve any major problems they confront in their University career. We are looking for someone who is responsive and proactive when it comes to identifying and addressing students’ concerns. We want someone who goes the extra mile and, most importantly, listens to you and offers constructive advice.

Outstanding Enhancement of the Student Experience (Non-Teaching)

DUSA is honouring non-teaching members of staff at the SLTAs. For this category we would like you to nominate a staff member or team from the University who has given you an excellent service that has contributed to the enhancement of your experience. Every staff member or team of staff who is not involved in teaching or marking is eligible. We are looking for someone or a team of people who have gone above and beyond to ensure that your time at University has been the best it possibly can be.

Best Postgraduate Supervisor

The relationship between a postgraduate and supervisor is a unique thing. Often, it is this relationship is the factor that defines a students’ postgraduate experience. A supervisor acts as your teacher, trainer, supporter, critic, and fellow researcher – the importance of their role cannot be emphasised enough. DUSA have created this award to pay homage for those supervisors who have excelled in this truly challenging role. If your supervisor is someone who has exceeded in this role, they may win the SLTA’s first ever award for Best Postgraduate Supervisor.

Outstanding commitment to Student Welfare

The demand for student support in relation to welfare and pastoral services has seen a significant rise within the University and also on a national level. The numbers of students seeking support is higher than ever before and this is something which makes a significant impact on a student’s experience at the University of Dundee. Through this award we want to recognise teaching staff that go beyond their teaching role to provide welfare support to students which is often very significant to their experience and achievements at University. Have you had a tutor or lecturer who has taken time to listen to your concerns and worries which are affecting your studies and provided sound advice and direction to help you tackle those issues; if so they would be eligible for this award.

Best Distance Learning Tutor/Advisor (New Category)

SLTA Nomination Form

Student Led Teaching Awards 2018/19 - Submission Form

Please fill out this form to nominate the UoD staff/associate member of your choice.
The information you provide in this form will be reviewed in detail before a shortlist of nominees will be announced. Please ensure the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
We will use the information provided in this form to process your nomination, notify your nominated person and contact you if they reach the awards shortlist. We may also contact you if we have any questions about your nomination. We will share your nomination with the University of Dundee as feedback on their staff and School. Information provided via this form will be held on a secure server for up to 6 months. No personal information will be held about you beyond this point without your further given consent.
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