Keep Your Drink Spike Free

Here are some tips to prevent the spiking of your drink:

  • Don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Keep an eye on your drink, as well as your friends’ drink
  • Don’t accept a drink if you haven’t seen it poured or opened
  • If you think that your drink has been spiked or tampered with make sure you alert a member of the customer safety team or bar staff.
  • Avoid sharing people’s drinks
  • Don’t ‘mine-sweep’! You don’t know the contents of the drink.

If you feel like you have been spiked or don’t feel like right in anyway please make sure you alert a member of staff immediately and we will be able to assist you.

For more information on drink spiking go onto the NHS website by clicking here.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff!

Make sure you grab a free water bottle on your way out. The more water you drink, the less of a hangover… or so we’re told. (P.S. Do us favour, if you decide to grab a bottle make sure you take it with you and not leave it around campus. We’ll love you forever!)

Don’t know how you’re getting home? Take advantage of our free Night bus that runs on every club night. You can hop on just outside Belmont flats and just tell the driver your address. It’ll get you home safe and sound.

For more information about the Night Bus timetable and other services that are provided check out

Getting into a Difficult Situation

If you feel you’re being sexually harassed, bullied, threatened or face intimidating behaviour, alert the customer safety team immediately.  Here at DUSA and the University, we take a zero tolerance approach to any of these types of behaviour.

If you have been a victim, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or come over to the Hive on level four, and we’ll help you out. All those who violate the policy will face disciplinary action.