Dundee University Students’ Association is completely dedicated to ensuring that all of our students have the opportunity to raise issues which are important to them. We would encourage all members of the SRC and the student body to work closely with us to ensure that significant matters can be discussed.

DUSA would like to clarify the events which resulted in the cancellation of our most recent SRC meeting.

In this instance, SRC procedures had not been followed correctly and concerns were raised about sensitive information regarding an individual who is not a member of this association being discussed in a public forum. Furthermore, there were concerns around the accuracy of the information which was being proposed. As a result, the SRC Chair resolved to cancel the meeting on the basis of it not being competent business for the forum.

It was further revealed during discussions approximately ten minutes after the meeting was due to start, that the individual who this case relates to had been invited by a councillor without the Chair’s knowledge. These actions further contributed to the decision to cancel the meeting; which was taken in the best interests of the SRC and its members.

The DUSA Executive is in conversation with the University and has been for a number of months regarding this case. Appropriate measures have been willingly taken to this point, despite many aspects of this complex case being beyond DUSA’s capacity and remit as a Students’ Association.

DUSA resolves to take an active role in communicating student members’ frustrations around the case to the University and to try to provide a more appropriate discussion.

If you are seeking further information regarding this, please refer to the official University of Dundee statement.

If you have any questions you would like DUSA to relay to the University please submit to the following form under the subject ‘Questions’: