In May DUSA will celebrate the lecturers who help make our university one of the best in the world, at our annual Student Led Teaching Awards. With over 200 nominations this year, shortlisting those nominated by our student body was no easy task for our panel. Each nomination was carefully considered and discussed before whittling down to the following shortlist.

Most Inspirational Teaching:

Jason Nelson

Nominated by David Garrow

Gil Martin

Nominated by Keith Skene

Perry Willson

Nominated by Anne Harkonen

Sarah Halliday

Nominated by Callum Dunleavy

Andrew Mason 

Nominated by Kristofor Matchett

Innovation in Teaching:

Jacques Hartmann

Nominated by Lisa Archibald

Paul Campbell

Nominated by Halley Banks-Murray

Ginny Henderson 

Nominated by Gary Jordan

Best Assessment and Feedback:

Carrie McLennan

Nominated by Lauren Duncan

Shona Ogilvie

Nominated by Adif Awal

Pamela Ferguson

Nominated by Evana Ferguson

Best Advisor or Personal Tutor:

Brenda Keatch

Nominated by Gemma Harcus

Keith Johnston

Nominated by Duncan Ohars

Clare Lamb

Nominated by Joely Nicol

Outstanding Enhancement of the Student Experience (non-teaching):

Andrea Gibb

Nominated by Gemma Harcus

Mahamadou Niakaté

Nominated by Johnny McKenzie

Tanya Cowan

Nominated by Craig Reoch

Best Postgraduate Supervisor:

Philip Murray

Nominated by Lucas Morales

Kim Dale

Nominated by Lucas Morales

Ariel Bergmann

Nominated by Juan Felipe Neira-Castro

Outstanding Commitment to Student Welfare:

Brenda Keatch

Nominated by Lauren Duncan

Andrew Mason 

Nominated by Charis Sii

Jackie Malcolm

Nominated by Benny Ho


The lecturers and the students who nominated, them will receive an invitation to the Student Led Teaching Awards Dinner, where the winners will be announced!

Good luck to all nominees.

Our award season continues with DUSA's Annual Awards