Hello and Welcome to your third weekly instalment of the DUSA President’s Update. This week I thought I would try something new – third time lucky and all – so in the spirit of Buzzfeed, here are 9 things your DUSA Executive have done for you this week.

1. Buses from Kirkcaldy to Freshers Fair

A month ago I visited the Kirkcaldy Campus and chatted with some of the Class Reps and they said that they felt left out of Freshers’ Fayre. So, thanks to the hard work of your VPSA, Sofia, we will now have a free bus service from Kirkcaldy to Freshers Fair and back again!

2. Library Open late earlier for Medics’ Finals

As you may have saw on Instagram and Facebook, the Library will now open until midnight from the 28th August till 1st of September and then until 2,30am from the 2nd September. By opening late earlier the Medicine Students with Finals in September will be able to avoid the expensive night time trip to Ninewells Library. A success for your Student Voice.

3. Freshers Fair Early Opening for Accessibility

Freshers Fair will start from 12pm as it does every year, however, for Freshers Fair 2017 we will open our doors at 11.30am for people with accessibility needs who can come early and bring a friend with them!

4. Safe Zone in DUSA

Nights out can get overwhelming, especially when you’ve been dancing in Mono for hours. Caroline, your VPSW, has now followed up a motion passed by the SRC to create a Safe Zone in DUSA so that you can relax when everything gets too much. Full details will follow in due course.

5. Elections Pack

Your VPR, Alex, has been hard at work organising everything for the Student Representative Council Elections in September. With nominations opening soon, Alex has managed to complete the most comprehensive elections pack in DUSA’s history so that your representatives are empowered to be as loud a voice as possible.

6. Zero Tolerance Posters in Halls

Our Zero Tolerance Policy underpins the attitude and ethos we want every student to adhere to. Protecting people from sexual harassment, racism, homophobia and all other ranges of bigotry is central to our values. So with this in mind, Caroline your VPSW, has managed to design posters that will be displayed throughout the Halls of Residence so that you know that we have your back.

7. NSS Breakdown

For those of you who watch the STV News you may have saw myself discussing our reaction to the University’s UK Top 10 ranking for student satisfaction. Well, we have all been hard at work breaking down the comments from each student to tailor our services to your needs. However, a very special thank you must go to Ellen Brooks, your VPA, who has worked tirelessly breaking down the data to produce a more in depth analysis than the University’s team of dedicated staff managed!

8. Student Partnership Agreement

The Student Partnership Agreement is the foundation for everything we do here at DUSA. It is the agreement between DUSA and the University that spells out exactly what we expect from each other. This year we are making some major changes to make it more accessible for students and staff and to develop school specific plans. Negotiations began this week and you will be hearing a lot more soon.

9. Renovation Beginning

Well, all I can say is we are about to redecorate part of the Union which will really boost DUSA’s appearance and visibility. Watch this space.

As always we have been doing a multitude of different things from Ellen working hard on your Academic Appeals, to Toni organising an absolutely mind blowing employability event.

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