Surprise, it’s Caroline not Sean!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the President but I promise that doesn’t mean we Exec have been sitting on our backsides doing nothing.

This week I have hijacked Sean’s blog to let you know a little about our recent welfare activities at DUSA.

Zero Tolerance

As Sean has mentioned before, I am making a huge effort to bolster our efforts as a University and students union against sexual harassment.

We recognised that we have a Zero Tolerance policy but that students are not aware exactly what that contains. With such a diverse range of people at UoD, with students from all over the world, what constitutes as sexual harassment may be misunderstood.

We have designed this poster to let everyone know exactly what sexual harassment means at DUSA The Union, and the behaviours you can report.

I have to say a huge thank you to the University for providing a stall at matriculation for incoming students to sign a written agreement of the policy – we will reach almost 4000 students! Also, if you are in student halls accommodation, look out for the poster above on your kitchen noticeboard 😉

Student Representative Council Nominations are Now Open!

Nominate yourself or a friend to become a part of the decision making process on campus. We have representatives to cover the diverse schools and students we have at Dundee. Nominations close September 13th.

Safe Space

Tuesday 29th was our first run of the DUSA safe space. With help from the Dundee safe zone bus we were able to effectively run and figure out any issues we needed to tweak! We received amazing feedback on the night and excitement from students in the future knowing that this space would be there for them. The space will be on level 4 Tuesday nights (volunteer dependent).

We do not want anyone to feel that they cannot participate in night-time events at DUSA The Union through fear of having a panic attack, or adverse reaction to loud music and lights.

You may also use the space as a safe meeting point for friends, or a quiet place to call someone in an emergency. At present, the alternative is to leave the building to recover and we do not believe this is a safe option.

DUSA would like to reassure those suffering from mental health problems that this space will be treated as a quiet recovery area, and anyone who does not adhere to that will be asked to leave. In relation to the room becoming too crowded, there is a capacity limit. Customer Safety are on hand to ensure all of this is achieved.

We are still recruiting volunteers for the safe space so if you’re interested send me an email!

Pre-sessional International students

This week saw the end of exams for our pre-sessional international students!

For those of you that don’t know, the University runs 12 week, 10 week, and 5 week English language courses for international students. If these students pass this course they are accepted into the University to study.

There were 140 students this year and DUSA The Union wanted to give them a little gift for the hard work they have put in over the summer weeks.

In Asia lucky bamboo plants are given to bring good luck and fortune. We wish the best of luck to these students in their further studies!

Before I finish let me remind you of some upcoming dates to put in your diary!

Some of Our FREE Upcoming Events

Fresher’s Fair 9th September 12-4pm (11.30 for disabled access)

Come along to chat to our DUSA societies and enjoy some free pizza and Lucozade! Not to be missed. Here is Sofia with her incredible Societies booklet!

Sex Education Week 11th September – 15th September

This year we will be having outside organisations coming to campus to discuss sexual education, sexual health and consent with our students! We recognise that your school level education may not have prepared you for sex at university – any questions you have we will answer.

Monday 11th – Tent of Consent on campus green

Tuesday 12th – Free SHAG bag give away

Wednesday 13th – Sex pub quiz in Liar bar 7pm (Entry Price TBC)

Thursday 14th – Screening of Dallas Buyers club in comfy sofa space Liar bar

Friday 15th – Free Self-Defence class level 4 DUSA The Union

Don’t forget DUSA provides free contraceptives just pop into the Hive on level 4.