We’re creating awareness of our Zero Tolerance policy with cacti!

To get yourself a free spiky friend, come to Feshers Fair, Saturday 8th of September, and find the Exec stall. If you can remmeber 3 points on our Zero Tolerance Policy, you’ll get a free cactus to take away. Our Zero Tolerance Policy is part of the reason we are the safest night out in dundee.

This campaign was developed by Vice President of Student Welfare, Joely M. Nicol said it was an off-the-cuff moment that inspired her.

I always have a cactus on my desk to remind me of my papa. Ironically, the campaign came about during a discussion about the Zero Tolerance policy; I lifted the cactus and jokingly said ‘don’t be a prick’.

We want each cactus taken home to remind students every day that we are the safest nightclub in Dundee and that we have services and processes in place to help them with any issue they might face.

Joely M. Nicol

Vice President of Student Welfare

Our Zero Tolerance policy was adopted as a preventative measure against unacceptable behaviours, we believe that implementation of the policy supports better standards on campus.

We are currently in talks with Abertay Students’ Association with the aim to create a city-wide policy.

We want to make sure that our students feel safe and are able to speak up when unwanted behaviours are being practised or witnessed.

Here at DUSA and the University, we don’t accept the normalisation of inappropriate behaviour. Dundee is a safe place, and we want to expand the policy as it has been so well received by both students and staff.


Sofia Skevofylaka

DUSA President