Every year we give our students the opportunity to decide which of their peers will represent them at the University of Dundee and Students’ Association. The elected students collectively make decisions that influence the learning and student experience. They become a line of support, advocating and voicing student issues to the University; ensuring their needs are at the forefront of all decisions made.

To make voting in these elections faster and more transparent we worked alongside UoD IT to introduce a new election platform. This new means of voting, along with an extended voting period, saw the highest voter turn out we have received in years; with over 20% of eligible students having their say.

The winning candidates were announced on Friday 9th of March within DUSA’s very own Air Bar and broadcast live via Facebook by DUSA Media’s Fibre. The newly elected candidates will take office in July 2018 and serve as your student reps for the full academic year. Get to know your reps, along with the statements and policies which helped elect them into their various roles.

DUSA Exec 2018/19

Sofia Skevofylaka: DUSA President
Candidate Statement

My name is Sofia Skevofylaka and I am running for DUSA President. It is always important to know who your President is. I am from Greece and I graduated with a degree in International Business with Marketing. My passion to make a difference has helped me to get involved with various departments across the University and support fellow students. My experience as seen below has enabled me with strong leadership, team-working and communication skills, which are vital characteristics for a President.

My Experience:

• Current Vice President of Student Activities (VPSA) in the DUSA Executive. In charge of supporting over 195 societies and sports clubs.

• Current Deputy of Student Support Team in the University Halls. Leading a team of 15 SSA students. We help students with Mental Health and other issues around University Halls.

• Voted Student Representative Councilor twice.

• Previous President of UoD Center of Entrepreneurship.

• Previous President of International Society (for 2 Years), receiving 3 Awards of Best Society, Most Active Society and Personally receiving the Societies Achievement Award.

• Previous member of the DU Woman’s Basketball Team and many more.

I want to continue giving back to our community by being voted your President. I am always here to listen on how DUSA can improve YOUR Experience in OUR University.

My 3 policies are:

1) Connect DUSA Executive with students from all Campuses (i.e. Main Campus, Ninewells and Kirkcaldy).

Building on this year’s Exec work to connect with their students, I want to work together with the New Exec team to become even closer with our students. Dedicating days across the year to Ninewells and Kirkcaldy, we can use this time to get feedback on what we need to improve for you. The same approach will be used through Class shout outs and visits to Halls for our Main Campus students.

2) Work with the University and Alumni to create more Graduate job opportunities and support for our students.

One of the biggest fears for students is finding a job after graduating according to DUSA’s Student Matters Survey. I want to work with the University and our Alumni to bring together our Alumni connections across the world to establish further support and job opportunities for our graduate students.

3) Maintaining support for Undergraduate students with a focus on further engagement between DUSA – International and Postgraduate students.

The support DUSA provides is already at a strong level but there are always areas we need to develop. Due to my past and current experience, I want to continue making DUSA more international and assist the VPA with running the International Events. Also, as VPSA I worked alongside Postgraduate students to start making DUSA more Postgraduate friendly. This is how we created the Postgraduate Reception, an event that I want to continue and expand. I want to continue my work on how to make DUSA friendlier for all.

Vote Sofia! #MyPresident

  • Connect DUSA Executive with students from all Campuses (i.e. Main Campus, Ninewells and Kirkcaldy).
  • Work with the University and Alumni to create more Graduate Job Opportunities and Support for our students.
  • Maintaining support for undergraduate students with a focus on further Engagement between DUSA – International and Postgraduate students.
Joely Nicol: Vice President of Student Welfare
Candidate Statement

Hello! I’m Joely Nicol, a 4th year anatomy student as well as the School President of Science and Engineering (SSE). I’m running to become your next Vice President of Student Welfare! I’ll tell you a little bit about why I’d suit the role if you were to elect me.

I’ve been a class representative for three years before I became school president, with the aim of always listening to problems with the intention to trying my best to work with others to resolve it. I’ve worked with DUSA, the SSE students and staff to help tackle issues such as mitigating circumstances issues, effective communication between class reps and students on module and course feedback.

I’ve had first-hand experience with the support service system the university offers, and believe I have the experience to help improve these facilities for students to drive attitude towards healthy, positive change. I can do this through my following policies;

Most students will feel the pressures of university life from deadlines to balancing a social life, part time work, friends… the list goes on! For some, this can infringe on their mental health and wellbeing. I want to improve student engagement around mental health and remind students that it’s okay to feel not be okay. I want to continue to create an environment where talking about mental health is the norm. I want to do this by training the representatives from school, societies and sports in mental health awareness, increasing de-stress events and workshops, and increasing engagement with different campaigns. These representatives can give advice on who to talk to, what services the university could offer them and how to ensure every measure is taken to not infringe on their academic performance.

Moving to university is a huge transition for anyone, you have to adjust to developing a lot of new relationships in a short amount of time from personal to professional. But do we all realise what a healthy relationship looks like? Sometimes when you have a relationship or friendship it’s hard to see when things aren’t okay. Or maybe you are struggling with a relationship with a part time employer who is putting too much pressure on you, and you don’t know what to do. Maybe a lecturer isn’t giving you the academic support you need to allow for improvement. I want to campaign for better relationships by writing advice collected from numerous sources on improving profession and personal relationships.

The DUSA Exec this year has developed the Zero Tolerance policy, which some may find strict, but this policy is there to protect any student who feels like they have been a victim. I want to increase awareness around what is included in the Zero Tolerance policy, and how it helps protect students. I want to do this by having more advertisement around the benefits of the policies, and what is an acceptable way to act, and what isn’t.

Thank you for reading my statement, please vote for Joely Nicol as #1 for VP of Student Welfare!

  • Raise awareness of healthy relationships, both professional and personal.
  • Increase awareness of mental health support across all campuses.
  • Develop further on Zero Tolerance and increase awareness of the policy to students
Olaf Postola: Vice President of Representation
Candidate Statement

Hey I’m Olaf,

I am delighted to announce that I am running to be your future VPR, so let me make this short and sweet!

I care deeply about the student experience and I believe there are certain things that are essential when it comes to ensuring a fair and democratic student representation. Being a student for the past 4 years and running a sports club in my final year, I have seen with my own eyes how much of a positive difference effective representation can have on the experience of our students. We are a growing community, and for us to keep thriving we need driven and just leaders to ensure our success.

I moved to this country in the winter of 2006 from Poland, gradually learning the language and incorporating myself into the Highland community before moving to Dundee. I’ve loved the University experience, and I would love to help make it just as good for every student out there as it has been for me. Studying Life Sciences and completing the leaderships courses has helped me develop the effective communication and leadership skills required to effectively manage, bond and learn from a team and hold people accountable for their actions ensuring success.

ACCOUNTABILTY is the first of my policies which you will be voting for. I am here to ensure that your elected representatives have your best interests at heart. I will accomplish this by improving the nominations process for representatives, recruiting passionate individuals who share the same values as myself and our team and most important DUSA and the University. I will carry this out by the developing a Representation Contract, detailing a list of responsibilities for each elected member, and by performing spot checks for representatives who are not delivering.

ENGAGEMENT is my second policy. I plan on using media outlets at DUSA to promote success of the SRC and engage with student body. This policy will ensure that successful representatives get the recognition that they deserve, and engage with our students to promote positives changes on the SRC and across the University.

TRANSPARENCY is my third policy, and I plan to let you know HOW your representatives are representing you. My aim is to clarify and simplify the representation system to maximise efficiency. I will do this by creating an SRC/Representatives booklet detailing the roles they play within the university, how to participate in activities/events and how to contact your representatives. So that you as a student can take advantage of the breadth of knowledge, experience and opportunities available to you.

Accountability, engagement and transparency are key to ensuring you know what’s happening on campus and allowing your voice to be heard.

I am here to represent you, thank you for your time.


  • ACCOUNTABILTY I am here to ensure that your elected representatives have your best interests at heart. – Implement a new election and discipline system for the representatives.
  • ENGAGEMENT I plan on using media outlets at DUSA to promote success of the SRC and engage with student body. – Use media platforms to present the achievements of the student representatives and gather student body feedback.
  • TRANSPARENCY I plan to let you know how your representatives are representing you. – Develop a booklet explaining the roles and achievements of the SRC and student representatives
Claire Hartley: Vice President of Communications and Campaigns
Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is Claire Hartley, I’m a 4th year Communication Design student specialising in Illustration and your number one candidate for the position of Vice President of Communications and Campaigns. So, let me tell you why!

Throughout my time at DJCAD I have been a class representative and currently hold the position of Director of Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. I have been the pioneer of this role within the school and as a result I have managed to spearhead our Creative Futures event providing insights into skills for employability surrounding the creative industries for our students.

Whilst being in Dundee I have engaged in a variety of events within the University and also with the wider community allowing me to substantiate a network, gain an internship and become involved in designing brand identities and marketing materials for various social projects across the city. I believe this experience would allow me to develop communications and campaigns surrounding student issues to very a high standard. I would always strive to improve student engagement and represent the student voice though the University and DUSA’s communication channels as I have experienced first-hand how both of these can be invaluable.

As a design student, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork are integral to my daily practice and I have a passion for change by design. By understanding the importance of our student experience, I believe I can utilise this passion to improve it in the following ways.

Firstly, I intend to create an initiative which illustrates transferable skills for employability for all students across our campuses. We have countless valuable skills gained through academic studies, various student activities and other life experiences, however, framing these as such can often be difficult. In aiding awareness of transferable skills for employability and our university careers service, I hope to reduce the ‘Employment Worries’ scores recorded in the recent Student Matters Survey.

Secondly, I will support DUSA Media as an independent media service while striving to empower their channels as outlets for campus, local and global news. I hope to achieve this by lobbying the increase of student engagement with DUSA Media and by encouraging collaboration with wider communities in Dundee.

Lastly, you may be surprised that Dundee has recently been listed as number 5 in the Wall Street Journals’ top ten travel destinations for 2018, reporting that ‘Dundee has emerged as Scotland’s coolest city’. My goal is to support the universities current internationalisation campaigns and promote Dundee as a top Global Destination. By highlighting Dundee as an up and coming, thriving city with opportunities and scope for growth and development, my hope is to further encourage cultural diversity and retention of the numbers of international students applying to the university each year.

Many thanks! Vote Claire #1 for VPCC.

  • Internationalisation -Support the universities current campaigns and promote Dundee as a top Global Destination.
  • Employability -Create an initiative which illustrates transferable skills for employability for all students across our campuses.
  • Journalism -Empower DUSA Media as an outlet for campus, local and global news through wider community engagement.
Charlie Kleboe-Rogers: Vice President of Academia
Candidate Statement

Hello! My name is Charlie Kleboe-Rogers, and I am running for Vice President of Academia. I’m a fourth year Product Design student as well as current School President of DJCAD. I’m known for having a bit of a sassy character but also for being passionate and driven in just about everything I do.

I believe that I am qualified for the role of VPA due to my experience within both student representation as well as academia. I have been the School President of DJCAD for two years, during which time I have overseen many things including, academic appeals, module reform and I have also worked within internationalisation and student recruitment.

Now that you know a wee bit about me, you’re probably wondering why you should vote for me as your VPA. I believe that my policies speak for themselves so here they are:

My first policy focuses on our International students, who bring rich experiences to everyone at the university. We take pride in our multicultural campus, which is why I don’t want to see it being affected or altered due to Brexit. No matter what comes of the negotiations, I will fight to protect all opportunities as well as the support for international and home students. I want to build on what we did last year to make our International students feel more at home, with events and campaigns to give them the best student experience away from home.

My Second policy is for the widening access students at the university. This is an area that is very close to my heart, being a widening access student myself. Money can be a major issue for students. I want all students no matter their background to have equal opportunity to study abroad, and that is why my second policy is to lobby the university to create a funding pot that widening access students can apply to, for funds for a semester abroad. An experience that I feel would benefit all students and provide them with an arsenal of tools to prepare them for life out with of university.

My third policy is about how we relate to our representation system and how the knowledge and experience of our reps can be used to benefit students. They can’t gain the best from their student experience, if this is not as clear as can be. This policy will look to clarify just how the representation system works for you, specifically just how you can use it as a support network in anything that you need, and implement one that caters to every students individual needs. I will make it clearer just what it is your school president and SRC councillors can do for you.

Hopefully my policies resonate with some of the positive changes that you would like to see at our University. Although that during campaigning we are restricted to 3 policies, this won’t be all that I intend to do if I am elected to the position, I will be highlighting more campaign promises across my social media during the campaign: Charlie for VPA!

Thanking you kindly! If you’ve liked what you’ve read, vote Charlie #1 for VPA!

  • Ensure that the opportunities that we offer to both International and Home students and staff are protected in the context of the negotiations of Brexit.
  • Lobby the University to create a funding pot for widening access students to apply to, to be able to afford a semester abroad.
  • Clarify just how the representation system works for you, both Academically as well as pastorally
Craig Reoch: Vice President of Student Activities
Candidate Statement

Hi folks! I’m Craig Reoch, a 4th year Anatomy student and currently your societies’ representative on the SRC. As I hope to become your next Vice President of Student Activities, I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I’m right for the job!

I’ve been involved in student societies since my early first year when I joined one of the largest societies on campus – the Life Sciences Society. Loving the way the society helped me build confidence and meet new faces, I decided to become more involved in the behind the scenes action. Moving from the position of Treasurer, to Social Secretary to President, I was able to appreciate all the positive things student societies can do for The University of Dundee. Easing integration into the student lifestyle, finding your passion and making friends for life – all these things (and more) are what make societies the perfect platform for improving the overall student experience.

My passion for student activities is reflected in the array of commitments I have undertaken here. I’ve been a member of the DUSA Fresher’s Team two years running, ensuring new first years are settling in and encouraging them to get involved in the ethos. My role as a student ambassador is a fantastic experience, as I’m able to lend a friendly ear to the concerns and queries of prospective students, helping show them what Dundee has to offer. As your VPSA, I would be in a strong position to help you organise and plan all the fantastic events you host. With experience in hosting an array of activities (from ceilidhs and balls to pub quizzes and seminars) I’d be there to ensure you can get the best out of all your society endeavours!

Did you know? – Some society committee members have already been put before the DUSA Disciplinary Panel for violating the Zero Tolerance Policy? I want to increase awareness of the repercussions of breaching the code to ensure those representing YOU are behaving responsibly and appropriately.

Lucky for us – Employers are consistently hiring graduates with impressive extra-curricular credentials alongside their academic prowess. I want to raise awareness of DUSA services which aim to increase student employability, so you can be sure you’ll be recognised for your achievements.

Would you be shocked to hear? – Recent ‘Student Matters’ survey data revealed that, out of all health-related issues, stress, anxiety and depression scored highest across ALL years in ALL disciplines. I want to introduce mental health awareness training for society committees to encourage members to help others see that they’re not alone and to offer solutions.

Student societies are the ideal building block for overall improvement of the student experience. With so many of you involved in such huge variety of activities, there’s no better way to make the most out of your time at Dundee. I hope to work with you to make it even better! Please approach me with any issues – thank you all, and I’d love your vote for VPSA!

  • Increase awareness of the zero tolerance policy within society committees.- Being a committee member comes with a level of responsibility. We need to behave appropriately!
  • Raise awareness of DUSA services which aim to increase employability via extra curriculars.- Employers are consistently hiring graduates with impressive extra-curricular credentials alongside their academic prowess. Let’s show them how employable we are!
  • Provide mental health awareness training for society committees.- Stress, anxiety and depression are high across all disciplines. Let’s fight the stigma!
Toni McKinney: Vice President of Engagement
Candidate Statement

“Hi, I’m Toni and I am a third year psychology student. I am running to be re-elected for the position of Vice President of Engagement for the upcoming academic year. For the last year, I have held the role of VPE and I have also been on the SRC as a General Representative. My main aims are to focus on how to engage the entire student body with DUSA and create a strong relationship between the two. My three policies are:

An integral part of any organisation is communication, while DUSA does double up as a nightclub, it is also vital to know that it is not just a nightclub, and that the Students Association is a vital part in any student’s university experience. I would like to work closely with the VPCC to increase and improve pastoral communications and objectives across campus to benefit the entire student body.

I would like to build strong relationships with the university’s career service and university schools while also build relationships with external organisations and promote employability events for the student body. I have a passion for helping others, so by being actively engaged with students, I can find out what they would most like to see on campus when it comes to employment to ensure great opportunities.

Lastly, I would like to work with the VPSW to promote extra-curricular opportunities. I would like to encourage students to not only engage themselves with DUSA, but to actively engage themselves outside the University with extracurricular activities such as sports, charities, representation or societies to gain experiences and better themselves for the future by building up incredibly strong CV’s for leaving university.

Vote on MyDundee from 28th February to 3rd of March!

  • Improve communications and the engagement of the pastoral side of DUSA
  • Strengthen links with the careers service to promote employability to all students
  • Work with other student reps to promote extra-curriculars
Scott Quinn: Vice President of Fundraising

Candidate Statement

Hey there, my name is Scott and I’m hoping to be your Vice President of Fundraising for the 2018/19 Exec.

The main role of the VPF is to run DUSA’s ‘Raising and Giving’ campaign (also known as RAG), which lets you guys pick a charity that they will then coordinate fundraising events for, during the academic year.

Why am I running?

Last semester, I worked with RAG to raise over £500 for ‘Marrow Dundee’ by auctioning spare tickets to the Union’s sold-out Halloween event through DUSA Media, and I plan to do the same for St. Paddy’s. This was a great introduction to what the role would entail and I loved it!

Having worked in DUSA for over a year and a half, I am currently the Staff Rep on the Student Council, as well as becoming the Online Manager for ‘Fibre’, the digital space for DUSA Media. These roles introduced me to student representation, and the changes that can be made by making our voices heard.

What would I do?

There are so many people that study with the university, so I strongly feel that by recruiting even a few of them to help fundraise could make a huge change to that charity and our local community.

I also hope to give the RAG campaign a new lease of life, whether it be through events like fun pub quizzes or even a Charity Ball. This is where the idea for one of my policies originated, as I think DUSA and the university have so many opportunities to raise money and they should be put to good use.

Within the role of VPF, I’d like to boost the awareness of RAG, to both the student body and the charities that apply, through proper marketing and advertising. Not only that, currently the RAG Constitution (the rules that make up the campaign) is under review and I’d like to ensure it’s made much easier for us students to bring about positive change in our community.

If you want to know more, search ‘Scott For VPF’ on Facebook!

You can vote on MyDundee between Wednesday 28th February and Thursday 8th March, and I really hope you’ll vote Scott for VPF!

  • Connect more students with valuable volunteering experiences.
  • Use DUSA’s ‘Raising and Giving’ charity campaign to work with the wider Dundee community.
  • Hold regular and engaging RAG Fundraising events throughout the academic year.

Student Reps 2018/19

Rumana Kapadia: Independent Member of Court
Candidate Statement

I’m Rumana, a third year Biological and Plant Sciences student, who is currently your SRC Environment & Sustainability Rep. I hope I can convince you to elect me your Independent Member of Court. The Court is the centre of all big changes within our university, and especially those that affect us as students. I want to relay the will and voice of the students, and ensure it is always heard, and positive action taken upon it.

So why would you vote for a complete stranger? Well here’s a little bit about me. During my childhood I moved around a lot, being a second-generation immigrant from India. It was always hard for me to find somewhere I felt I belonged. When I moved to Dundee, it became my home, my fellow students became my family, and the student’s union was the helping hand when I needed it. This is why student representation is so important to me, I have been a Module Rep, and SRC Rep, and now I hope to use my passion and drive to represent students from all walks of life at the highest form of decision making at the University of Dundee. Now we aren’t strangers!

I want to implement an effective feedback system between staff and students, in all schools, to ensure students get all the support they need to flourish in their studies, after all, this is what we came to university to do.

I also want to have accessible communication between the courts decisions and all forms of student representatives including the SRC and Board of Trustees. Our jobs are only here because we are the emissary of students.

Finally, I would like to continue my work to lobby the university to bring about positive sustainable environmental change at our university. I have already started to achieve this by amending the charitable objectives of DUSA to include Environmental Sustainability and I’m currently in the progress of acquiring recyclable coffee cups, straws and cutlery for the Union.

For more information follow ‘VOTE Rumana for IMC’ on Facebook.

Thanks for your time!

  • Implement an efficient feedback loop on modules and courses with action tracking to ensure progress is made between students and staff.
  • Effective and accessible communication between the courts decisions and all forms of student representation including the SRC and Board of Trustees. For our students.
  • Lobby the university and the court to bring about positive and sustainable environmental change at our university.
Stuart Murphy: SRC Chair
Candidate Statement

My name is Stuart Murphy – I am a Third Year Geopolitics Student at the University of Dundee. I am running for Chair of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Over the past two years I have been lucky enough to represent you as General Representative and Housing Rep. I have really loved being your representative as I have voiced your concerns, resulting in a better student union. If elected, I pledge to do the following: Number One, ACCOUNTABILITY: I want to make it easier to find out what motions we pass. For instance, over the past few years DUSA has achieved a lot, from installing Wi-Fi in Halls to even creating a Safe Room in the Union for students to go to on Skint if they want a break from the club (which I was lucky enough to be a part of). I also want to make it easier for you to find out what our councillors are up to, as I think we can do a lot better in advertising the great work that our councillors achieve. My second pledge is ENGAGEMENT: I want to open up the SRC so more people can get involved – whether this is coming to a meeting or whether it is making it easier to sign up for elections. My final pledge is to work with the great DUSA media: I want to encourage councillors to take part in interviews and write reports in order to keep the student body informed on what we are doing. I really hope I can count on your vote. It would truly be an honour to represent you on the council. All the best, Stuart Murphy.

  • Accountability – find out about what motions we pass and find out what are councillors are up to.
  • Engagement – open up the SRC so more members can join and learn what we are doing on the council.
  • DUSA Media – work with DUSA Media to raise awareness on what the council is doing this can be done by councillor interviews and reports in the Magdalen.
Clodagh Conway: School of Nursing and Health Sciences President
Candidate Statement

As a 26-year-old 2nd year Adult Nursing student from Ireland, I know first-hand that making the commitment to start a new degree, in a new city, surrounded by new people can be an extremely daunting experience. It is a huge change that some students struggle to cope with and this can lead to feelings of loneliness, stress, and anxiety. If given the opportunity to act as School President, my number one priority would be to improve and increase interaction between the three nursing fields, creating a greater sense of community amongst student nurses.

If successful, I will be a final year nursing student, and this would place me in an advantageous position to be a strong voice for fellow nursing student within my own cohort and for the 1st and 2nd year cohorts, across all the nursing fields. It would be my duty to work closely with the representatives across all learning teams, and the staff within the School of Nursing and Health Sciences to make their experience at university a positive and rewarding experience.

Being voted to stand as President of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences would mean so much to me. I am committed to this role and working with the students and staff, across the two campuses’, to make the necessary improvements to the issues that are brought forward at the Student Staff Liaison meetings. I am a highly organized, personable individual who strives to make a difference. I want to be able to address concerns student have, whether its regarding the academic or practical and placement aspects.

I believe I can achieve this, with the help of the class representatives and the staff within the year that I would act as School President.

Please vote Clodagh Conway for the President of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

  • Create more integration among the three nursing fields.
  • Be a strong voice for fellow nursing students, ensuring that they are made feel respected, equal and listened to.
  • Work closely with staff, class representatives and students in improving services which allow us to succeed and do our best.
Simran Chopra: School of Life Sciences President
Candidate Statement

Hi Everyone,

I am excited to announce my campaign to run for the School of Life Sciences President this year in the DUSA 2018 elections! My name is Simran Chopra and I am currently in level 3 doing Biomedical Sciences. I have aspired to become the School President and contributing towards improving the school ever since I joined the university. During my three years at the university I have represented the school in a variety of roles such as becoming the Associate President for Levels 1 and 2 representing multiple modules in Levels 1 and 3, being a student ambassador for the school during open and applicant days, representing the school during the first Global Health Challenge and being part of the committee organizing the School of Life Sciences careers fayre. Taking on these various roles has allowed to work with previous presidents and develop a clear understanding of what the role entails, along with becoming familiar with the teaching staff and learning the procedures required to make a difference! The changes I would like to bring about during my time as School President include:

1) To make sample lectures available prior to module selection in order to have a better idea of what each particular module entails to make an informed decision.

2) To ensure that opportunities within a variety of career options other than research are made aware of, such as within the medical and business-related fields so that students can also consider alternative career pathways.

3) To try and bridge the gap when transitioning between years by ensuring that students have the necessary skills needed to successfully advance onto the later stages of their degree

Keep an eye out for further information and feel free to ask me any questions!

  • To make sample lectures available prior to module selection in order to have a better idea of what each particular module entails to make an informed decision.
  • To ensure that opportunities within a variety of career options other than research are made aware of, such as within the medical and business-related fields so that students can also consider alternative career pathways.
  • To try and bridge the gap when transitioning between years by ensuring that students have the necessary skills needed to successfully advance onto the later stages of their degree
Heather Johnston: School of Science and Engineering President
Candidate Statement

Hello, I’m Heather Johnston and I’m asking you to vote for me as your President of the School of Science and Engineering. As a 3rd year Physics student, I’ve been actively involved in student representation within our school for the last two years.

During my time as student rep, I successfully pushed for the change of a module taken by level 2 physics students which has drastically improved the “flow” of their degree path and made it easier for them to progress to more advanced modules.

As VP of the Women in STEM Society, I have gained valuable insight into organising popular events and communicating information to our members through newsletters. It also puts me in a unique position to support and promote the women in our school and also engage in public outreach to encourage more girls and women to pursue a career in science and engineering.

I am also currently VP of Physics, meaning that I already have an understanding of how to implement students’ views and concerns. I have addressed issues within several modules through feedback from my class reps. As president, I would create a MATLAB “crash course” that will be open to all School of Science and Engineering students as this seems to be a key issue across the school.

If elected, I plan to advocate and listen to the views of the students and am fully committed to achieving the positive reform that we all want to see within our school.

  • Running school-wide tutorials in programming and creating a database of open resources
  • Focusing on the employability aspect of our disciplines
  • Organising a School of Science and Engineering Recruitment Fair
Iain Savage: School of Humanities President
Candidate Statement

As President, I aim to improve student/staff communication, through clearer lines of communication, and an emphasis on adviser/student meetings. An increased awareness of mental health issues and support for staff and students is also one of my aims in order to improve welfare amongst the student body, and provide a greater understanding of the issues surrounding mental health & break the stigma. Finally I aim to increase the profile of the School of Humanities within the university, as to shatter myths and preconceptions surrounding the school, and also to promote increased inter-school and interdisciplinary cooperation, on projects such as the Global Health Challenge.

As the current Vice-President, responsible for History, European Studies and Languages, I have worked closely with the President and my fellow Vice and Associate presidents to improve the school and the student experience in humanities school. It is because of this I feel I am the best candidate for the position of President. I have good working relationships with members of the teaching faculty in the school, and I’m an active and engaged student.

I’ve gone through all the crazy ups and downs that university has thrown and me, which has given me a good amount of experience to take on this challenging job, as well as being a member of the UOTC, which has provided me with leadership and management skills. As president, I will strive to achieve all of my aims, as well as representing and standing up for you, the students, to the university and the faculty.


  • Improvement of student/staff communication
  • Increased awareness of mental health issues and support
  • Increase the profile of the School of Humanities, and promote Increased inter-School cooperation
Lewis Kennedy: School of Art and Design President
Candidate Statement

Since being involved behind the scenes of DJCAD from my arrival in first year, I have been impressed by a school and body of students striving for mutual success. I want to build on the excellent reputation of DJCAD and help everyone fulfil their drive, determination and skill. Under the good offices this year, massive amounts of progress have been made to secure and build upon the image of DJCAD. However, progress is never at a standstill and I believe I can be a supporting influence to better the UK’s best art school.

From my managerial experience as Station Manager of Jam Radio, the University’s award winning broadcasting outlet, I have learned how to work collaboratively and make the most of the passion of others in order to bring notable results, including the 10 fold increase in creative output and multiplying the amount of regular shows by 5. Likewise, this attitude of success has been reflected in the actions of all of those I have met during my time shadowing Charlie, the current President. I have also actively encouraged self-development in my classmates and attempted to bring together disciplines from all over the school. I hope to continue this attitude of success and togetherness across disciplines and year groups by promoting projects like the Global Service Jam and collaboration activities that revolve around the opening of the V&A.

I would use my position and time for the benefit of you, the students. Together, we would see a more driven, more respected school with a renewed international focus. I would aim to bring the best creative talent Scotland and the world has together in one space, while encouraging the development of all students.

You know the president you want for DJCAD. I have the experience, determination and skill to reflect this and would represent my fellow students to the best of my ability. I can be the president DJCAD deserves to unite us together as the formidable school the world over.

  • To increase employability within DJCAD
  • To decrease the cost of all years of studying, especially honours years
  • To reduce the amount of environmental waste
Lauren Duncan: School of Education and Social Work President
Candidate Statement


My name is Lauren Duncan, a (soon to be) fourth year Education student and your current School President of Education and Social Work [and CLD]. I am hoping for your support in the upcoming election!

I have thoroughly enjoyed representing you all over the past year, developing professional working relationships with staff, Associate Presidents, class representatives, and most importantly, students. I am the bridge between the students and the university, ensuring that your voice is heard and represented at every level. I have been chairing your Student Staff Liaison Committee and representing you at the School Board, School Presidents Forum and as a voting member on the Student Representative Council. My biggest achievement so far as your School President has been setting up the Education and Social Work Society. I am keen to continue the fruitful relationship between both the school and society, improving your student experience further.

If re-elected, I vouch to look into the lack of scholarships available to you. It angers me that many of the courses within this school are exempt from university offered funding. I will do all that I can to both change this and secure new backing.

I will ensure, with the support of the Society, that all disciplines in this school are viewed as equal. I promise to jump at the chance to help you out and become a visible presence on campus. This will be done through drop-in sessions and an increased social media presence. It is my job to minimise the torture you may feel is upon you as students – I will use my current Presidential experience and already formed relationships with the School to do so.

Look out for some exciting events I have in the pipeline for the run up to summer! I am passionate about my role and would love it if you considered re-electing me!

Thank you for your time!


  • Secure scholarships for students within the School.
  • Strengthen the class representative and Vice-President election process.
  • Further support the new School Society in bringing all disciplines together, as well as organise exciting social and educational events.
Ayodeji Alonge: School of Social Sciences President
Candidate Statement


Who is Deji Alonge?

I am an English boy who found himself in the City of Dundee. I am a firm believer of reflective action. I enjoy solving problems by assessing the situation and applying previous knowledge. I love to see a task carried out and completed with 100% success.

Being the schools president role requires understanding of pressures faced as a social science student. Through ensuring optimal quality in our academic environments and experiences. As a course member and an an active course representative, I understand how the system works and the necessary protocols required to get the desired results to improve the school.

Together we can achieve these things, if elected:

1. Inclusive curriculum development within the school. Get students more involved in developing course materials for their modules.

2. Increased opportunities for career development. Involving liaising with external organisations and the school of business

3. Increased collaboration with the business society to organise more sports and social events

4. Make the process of appealing exam results easier.

5. Organise a Ted Talk in collaboration with the school of business during my tenure.

I am Deji Alonge, and together we can make your voice heard.

  • Inclusive curriculum development within the school. Get students more involved in developing course materials for their modules.
  • Increased opportunities for career development. Involving liaising with external organisations and the school of business.
  • Increased collaboration with the business society to organise more sports and social events.
Kelsey Shortiss: School of Dentistry President
Candidate Statement

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that I will be running for the position of School of Dentistry President in the upcoming DUSA ’18 student elections. My name is Kelsey Shortiss and I’m currently in 3rd year. This is a very exciting and important opportunity, as the School President is the voice of all of you and I would be privileged to be the link between the Dental School and DUSA. I have been a class representative for the past couple of years now, which has taught me a lot about how important the feedback system is for ensuring students have their voices heard. As the School of Dentistry, I would like to:

1.) Aid in implementing the new curriculum smoothly, ensuring that student’s concerns regarding this are brought to the attention of senior staff.

2.) Continue closing the feedback loop within the Dental School, to ensure student’s concerns are addressed appropriately and increasing the awareness of the representation system and DUSA.

3.) Increase Postgraduate representation in the Dental School.

I hope I can be the voice that students of the Dental School need!

  • Aid in implementing the new curriculum smoothly, ensuring that student’s concerns regarding this are brought to the attention of senior staff.
  • Continue closing the feedback loop within the Dental School, to ensure student’s concerns are addressed appropriately and increasing the awareness of the representation system and DUSA.
  • Increase Postgraduate representation in the Dental School
School of Medicine President (position still available)

The School of Medicine President will be elected during the semester one 2018/19 SRC Elections. If you will be part of the School of Medicine through the coming academic year and are interested in becoming the lead Rep of your School, please contact VPR@dusa.co.uk for details.