Hello, my role is to manage and oversee all student representation on campus as well as all the activities and campaigns here at DUSA. I work closely with the University representing students views across dozens of committees. A lot of my time is spent taking the fantastic ideas brought forward by my wonderful team the students, to the University management. It is my responsibility to make sure that the change you want is delivered.

I am here for you to contact about pretty much anything. Most of the time it will be one of my team who are best placed to help but if you have any burning issues about something that’s happened or hasn’t happened within the university or DUSA then I will be more than happy to listen to you and help where possible.

Sean O'Connor


As VPA it is my job to represent students across the university to ensure that any new policies implemented or changes made are made in the best interest of students. Therefore a lot of what I do isn’t usually visible to students, but you can be assured that I’m always working hard to make sure you have the best university experience possible!
I can also offer advice regarding any academic issues students may be facing, which includes making your school aware of situations out with your control that has affected their studies, and providing advice and support for disciplinary cases. I am also responsible for the student led teaching awards which allows students to nominate staff members to recognise the impact they have made on their university experience, and I am the person responsible within DUSA for international students. If you want advice regarding anything relating to academic issues, internationalism or any other academic student matters, find me in The Hive, on level 4 of DUSA The Union.

Ellen Brooks

Vice President of Academia

My role covers a vast variety of areas from overseeing all means of communication to making sure everything that DUSA does, keeps the best interest of students at heart.

We run over 20 campaigns every year and it’s my job to aid relevant Executive officers in their campaigns by supporting and marketing their projects, both online and offline. This includes content creation, design, distribution and much, much more! Sounds fun already, isn’t it?

Dundee is one of the most active campuses in the UK and we are here to support our students in ability to input into developing and sharing their experiences with the world. As VPCC, I am also responsible for maintaining wider online presence and safeguarding the DUSA Media outlet. In simple words, my job is to be creative, promote and communicate central messages to the student community and beyond.

Ana Ranceva

Vice President of Campaigns and Communications


My role is to help with societies and non-academic student life. Having over 170 societies in our University, it is easy to join a society with a similar passion to yours. We have many options: from DunTea to Role-play, Swing Dance to our International society. You can join as many societies as you want. If a student can’t find what they are looking for, they come and talk to me, and I will help them set up your own! Societies and Sports Club are here for your benefit; to make friends, have fun, participate in unique events and develop yourself!

Additionally, I can assist students in employment! Always feel free to email or come and ask any questions! Find me in The Hive, on Level 4 of DUSA The Union! I am here for you to help you get involved and have The Best Time!

Sofia Skevofylaka

Vice President of Student Activities

Hi, my name is Alexander. My job is to work alongside the University to coordinate and promote all forms of student representation on campus. This includes organising all student elections, including Schools, Student Representative Council and Student Executive.
There are many ways students can get involved in making a difference within the university and represent the views of their fellow students. Whether as a class rep keeping the standard of teaching and classes in one with the needs of students. To the Student representative council where they can propose policy changes to the University in areas such as facilities, disabilities, BME, international, environment and many more. I can also help them take it to the next level and work for the University Student Union as a member of the Exec. If you are interested in taking part in any of these areas, then I’m your man.

Alex Muir

Vice President of Representation

After 3 years studying here at Dundee, I am now your elected VPSW. This means I’m here to help with anything pertaining to your welfare. I’ve vowed to address mental health, discrimination and harassment, and sexual health on campus. I provide students with free contraceptives, information related to housing, and point then in the right direction for any other service they need.
I work with Student Services to address student concerns and improve what’s in place. I run campaigns such as our LGBT+ History Month and Healthy Study, but as I am only one person I need to hear from people like you about what more I can do. The change from school, home, academic year, or another country can be a difficult one, but I am here for support both when things are going well, and when they are not.

Caroline Goodliffe

Vice President of Student Welfare

Hey there!
My main role is to raise funds for a local charity in Dundee. One charity will be chosen out of all the nominations made from students and we will work together to raise funds for that charity during the academic year. I will be working solely with the Vice President of Student Activities to organise activities for the Raising and Giving (RAG) campaign to raise as much money and awareness as possible. I will also do my best to encourage club societies to get involved with RAG which would help to create a charitable nature amongst the student community. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in being involved with RAG. Don’t forget that fundraising can always be fun!

Ezichi Ekpe

Vice President of Fundraising

Hello there! I’m Toni and I’m your new VPE.

Engagement? What is that?! Well, to me, it’s what makes this university so great. Improving engagement over campus and getting as many students involved as possible, would mean gaining an amazing student experience that you will never forget.

This year, my focus is working alongside the entire Exec to help with some amazing campaigns, while trying to increase pastoral communications and lastly, to promote extra curricular activities and boosting the employability aspect to enrich student CVs for leaving university. All for the benefit of the student body.

Being a Non-Sabb means that I am currently studying for my degree. So, I may not always be in the office, but if you see me on campus and have any questions for me, don’t hesitate come over and have a chat. I am always keen on getting to know people and getting to know what changes I can help out with.

Toni McKinney

Vice President of Engagement