Every year we give our students the opportunity to decide which of their peers will represent their interests and views during their time at the University of Dundee. The elected students collectively make decisions that influence the learning and student experience. They become a line of support, advocating and voicing student issues to the University; ensuring their needs are at the forefront of all decisions made.

The winning candidates were announced on Friday 1st of March within DUSA’s very own Mono and broadcast live via Facebook by DUSA Media. The newly elected candidates will take office in July 2019 and serve as your student reps for the full academic year.

Over 14% of our members had their say and elected our New DUSA Executive, however 2 full-time paid Executive roles are still available; lead figurehead of the organisation, DUSA President and lead spokesperson, VPCC (Communications & Campaigns).

This is your last chance to get involved and join the DUSA Exec team. We also have a vacant position for School of Nursing and Health Sciences President, and this year, we are excited to announce a new voluntary Student Rep position for the School of Business President!

If you think you have what it takes and want to take avantage of one of these Student Rep opportunities, find out more and apply now at www.dusa.co.uk/elections

Vice President of Academia

Stuart Murphy

Vice President Student Welfare

Lauren Macgregor

Vice President Student Activities

Craig Reoch

Vice President of Representation

Olaf Postola

Vice President Engagement

Izuin Hanis Binti Abu Bakar

Vice President Fundraising

Scott Quinn

Student Rep Positions Still Available

DUSA President

Full-time, £18,000+ annual salary

The President is the lead representative and figurehead for DUSA and for all University of Dundee students. The President advocates on behalf of students’ at a local, national and international level and is responsible for managing and supporting the DUSA Exec to achieve their manifesto goals.

VPCC (Communications & Campaigns)

Full-time, £18,000+ annual salary

The Vice President of Communications & Campaigns is the lead spokesperson for DUSA. The VPCC utilises a variety of outlets including social media, printed publicity, video advertising and national media, to connect with students on and off campus.

Two School President Roles

Voluntary/Part-time role

We also have a vacant position for School of Nursing and Health Sciences President and, this year, we are excited to announce a new position for the School of Business President!

Do you want to join this team?

We have four student representative opportunities still available. Find out more and apply now.