My name is Sofia and I am your DUSA President.

I am leading a team of 8 passionate individuals and we are determined to make your student experience, the best it can be. From academic appeals, to student housing and societies, we will support you and if we cannot, find someone who can. I have loved my time in this University and I cannot wait to see all the magnificent things you will do this year as well. If you ever want to chat, I would love to hear your experience, come and find me in DUSA The Union, Level 4.

Sofia Skevofylaka

DUSA President

Being your VPA makes me responsible for many things, including all of the academic stuff at the University. Ranging from appeals, mitigating circumstances, fitness to practise and more. I’m also in charge of complaints, so if you’re unhappy about something please just fire me an e-mail at! I offer advice on all of the areas above and I also relay any concerns you as students face while at university to the many committees that I sit on.

As VPA I am also responsible for Internationalisation which means I get to organise some really great events throughout the year for our students, like the mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year and more!

If you need any support in any of my areas of expertise then please just pop into the Hive on Level 4 of DUSA!

Charlie Kleboe-Rogers

Vice President of Academia

I arrived in Dundee from the Highlands of Scotland to study anatomy and after being a Class Rep, then the School President of Science and Engineering, I was elected as VP of Student Welfare. This means I work with student services to help with anything pertaining to your welfare, from giving out contraceptives, helping you with housing queries to mental health awareness and signposting to any other service you may need.

I run campaigns such as our Sex Education and Healthy Relationships week, Healthy Self, LGBTQ+ History Month and Minds Matter and Healthy Study, but as I am only one person I need to hear from people like you about what more I can do for your welfare. Coming to university is one of the most exciting things you can do, but if you need support I am here to help in any way I can. Feel free to come see me at the Hive or email me at!

Joely Nicol

Vice President of Student Welfare

As VPCC I am responsible for all of the communication channels across DUSA; producing, promoting and overseeing any online and offline content that we publish. This is how we engage, support and inform our students on the matters which affect them most.

Within the Executive we run over 20 campaigns per year, I’m the team member who helps to collate and publicise the amazing campaigns created by the team. My role includes visualising campaign ideas and commissioning designers to set the tone for our pastoral campaigns. These cover a vast range of issues such as employability, student welfare, representation and internationalisation, to name a few. I also have the pleasure of being ultimately responsible for our four student media outlets under DUSA Media.

I’m always more than happy to discuss any ideas for a campaign you might want to run with the support of DUSA, so give me a message at!

Claire Hartley

Vice President of Communications & Campaigns

My name is Olaf and I am the newly elected VPR. It is my job to work together with the University to manage, promote and enhance the representation structures that we currently have in place!  My aim this year is to engage a wider student population and highlight the benefits of getting involved in the various forms of representation to enhance your student experience and employability prospects! It is also my pleasure to organise and run the elections for the student representative council (SRC) and the DUSA Executive which is a massive task I am looking forward to undertaking.

The engagement of students is crucial for the development of a modern University experience – I truly believe that the representation system is the way to the future. The jobs of Class Representatives, School Presidents, SRC members and Exec all shape the future of our University. So make your mark – if you would like to join the representation system, send me an email at and I will help you out.

Olaf Postola

Vice President of Representation

I’m Craig and I’m your newly elected Vice President of Student Activities (or VPSA for short).  My remit covers all aspects of non-academic student life as well as all things extra-curricular.  I’m your first port of call for anything student society related. Whether you have a passion you want to explore, are looking for more information about a society or are just looking to start your own, you’ve come to the right place! Uni isn’t all about lectures, learning and the library – we’re all here for a reason, whether that be gaining fantastic education or expanding our personal horizons – so why not take a breather and have some fun along the way?

Aside from this, I’m on hand to help students with their employability prospects. All the amazing things you do outside of class deserve to be celebrated. All these transferrable skills can assist you in getting ahead of the curve and gaining the valuable experience to help you go far! Drop me an email on or drop in and see me at The Hive on Level 4 of the DUSA building if you need anything at all!

Craig Reoch

Vice President of Student Activities

Hello there! I’m Toni and I’m your returning VPE.

Engagement? What is that?! Well, to me, it’s what makes this university so great. Improving engagement over campus and getting as many students involved as possible, would mean gaining an amazing student experience that you will never forget.

This year, my focus is working alongside the entire Exec to help with some amazing campaigns, while trying to increase pastoral communications and lastly, to promote extra curricular activities and boosting the employability aspect to enrich student CVs for leaving university. All for the benefit of the student body.

Being a Non-Sabb means that I am currently studying for my degree. So, I may not always be in the office, but if you see me on campus and have any questions for me, don’t hesitate come over and have a chat. I am always keen on getting to know people and getting to know what changes I can help out with.

Toni McKinney

Vice President of Engagement

Hey friends! My name is Scott, and I’m your new VP of Fundraising for the academic year. If you need help finding me, just ask for the guy with the long hair and all the tattoos, and they’ll point you in the right direction. Long story short, I am here to help you get fundraising on campus. Every year, DUSA partners with a local charity and it’s my job to help spread awareness and plan events to fundraise for them. I’ve got a lot planned for us this year, and I’m buzzing to get started!

Scott Quinn

Vice President of Fundraising