It’s that time of the year again! The time when we recognise and reward people and groups that put huge amount of work making sure you have fantastic opportunities outside your classroom and are represented well. The nominations for society, volunteering and representation awards are now open! The deadline is the 7th March 23:59.


Best New Society

This Award goes to the society that has been affiliated in the last year and who we believe has made an impressive mark on campus life by organising engaging events and activities, and has brought a new wealth of knowledge to the University.

Most Progressive Society

This award goes to the Society that has made the most progress throughout the year, improved their society as a whole, involving more members, having more events and bigger events thaen they have had in the past.

Most Active Society

This award goes to the society that has been the most active in the past year throughout the University student body and has involved a large amount of the University’s community through various events, information sessions and other activities.

Best Society Event

DUSA has had this award since 2008, it goes to the society who has planned and executed an extremely successful event which has stood out in the past year.

Society of the Year

This title is awarded to the society that has made the greatest effort over the past year. Interacting with the student community, organising a range of events aimed at involving a diverse range of student demographic. This goes to the society that has really put the effort into everything they have done this year and tried to make the most of every event. This society would have also engaged significantly in DUSA led events such as the Raising and Giving Week.

Society Achievement Award

This award goes to a member of a society that has gone above and beyond the call of duty within their society and that have shown themselves to be an outstanding asset to their society. Members of each society can nominate any member of their society.

Volunteer of the Year Award (in association with Volunteer Friendly)

This award is to celebrate an individual who has made an outstanding commitment to voluntary activities within DUSA, The University and/or the wider community. The winner will have demonstrated their ability to spare time for the benefit of others, whilst remaining dedicated to their academic activities.

SRC Councillor of the Year

This award is to celebrate the most active, effective and passionate member of the SRC. Whether that be in engaging with the student body or delivering real change to the student body.

School President of the Year

This award is to recognise the School President, who has gone the extra mile for their School. Awarded to the most effective School President, who has made a positive impact on their School and students.

Rep of the Year

This award is to recognise the Class rep/Associate (Co-) President who has gone the extra mile for the students within their course, programme or discipline. Awarded to the most active and effective rep, who is NOT a School President and has left a positive impact on their respective area.