If you missed our Book Fair at the beginning of the semester, don’t worry you can still get yourself a bargain. All remaning books can be purchased from Ana, your Vice President of Fundraising. Below you’ll find a list of all the books we have. If you see any you are interested in just email VPF@dusa.co.uk for price and collection details. £1 from every sale will go to our RAG charity.

You should also contact Ana from the above email address if you submitted books to our Fair and have not yet collected your money of unsold books.

W.T.S Gould Population and Development
A. Golsbee Microeconomics
W. J. Barber A history of Economic Thought
Ortega Exacto! A practical Guide to Spanish Grammar
W.T.S Gould Population and Development
Green and Troup The houses of History
M. Kishlansky Civilization in the West
A. Hodder Critical companion to the Russian revolution
Ted Grant From revolution to counter revolution
E.H. Carr The Bolshevik Revolution
I.D. Thather TROTSKY
Custom Edition The western world
W. Doyle The old European order
E. Cameron Early Modern History
Wade The Russian Revolution
M.Malia History’s Locomotives
A. Pettegree Europe in the 16th century
Rina Readings in Russian Civilisation
P. Krugman The return of Depression Economics
J. Kay Trumpet
S. Wortley Scots Property, Trusts and Succession Law
Gretton Steven Property, Trusts + Succession
W. Green Business Law in Scotland 3rd edition
N. Lowe + G. Douglas Bromley’s Family Law
H. Barnett Understanding Public Law
N. Foster EU Law Directions 2nd
Biological Psychology
20th Century Britain
British Politics 2nd edition
Politics UK 6th
GSCE Geography
An Integrated
The other half lives
The good girl
Stone The Modern law of contract
Carr, Horsey, Carrer Skills for Law Students
Penner, Melisson McCoubrey & White’s Textbook on Jurisprudence
Cuthert, Moran Core Statutes on Property Law
Stephenson Core Statutes on Contract, Torts etc.
Herring Criminal Law
Glazebrook Blackstone’s Statues on Criminal Law
McBride Letters to a Law Student
N. Foster EU Law
Barnett Understanding Public Law
Virgo Principles of Equity & Trusts
Craig, De Burke EU Law – Text, Cases and Materials
Slopper, Kelly The English Legal System
Lee Blackstone’s Statues on Public Law and Human Rights
Foster Blackstone’s EU Treaties and Legislation
Strood Making Sense of Land Law
A2 2nd edition
F.M.Wilson Organizational Behaviour and work
D. Begg Economics
P. Cramp Labour markets
G. Kwan How to dress
P. Bocij Business Information System
G. Arnold Corporate Financial management
AS business studies
Froyen Macroeconomics
J. Morrison The Global Business Environment 3rd Edition
S. Crossan Introductory Scots Law
P. Weetman Financial Accounting
A2 unit 4
AS unit 2
M. Moran Politics and Governance in the UK 2nd
E.Foner Give me Liberty! An American History
D. Caramani Comparative Politics 2nd
R. Leach British Politics 2nd
J. H. Morrow Jr. The Great War
B.Casu Introduction to Banking 2nd Edition
S. Valdez An Introduction to Global Financial Markets 8th Edition
M. Moran Politics and Governance in the UK 3rd Edition
R. Leach British Politics 2nd
T.Landman Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics
S. Balfour The Politics of Contemporary Spain
B. Jones Politics UK
T. Bale European Politics: A comparative introduction
D. Caramani Comparative Politics 3rd Edition
R. Heffernan Developments in British Politics
J. Hansen European Integration: An Economic Perspective
S. White Developments in Russian Politics
S. White Understanding Russian Politics
C. Lythe The European Mosaic 3rd Edition
Politics and Governance in the UK 2nd
EU Treaties & Legislation 11-12
Davies: Principles of Tax Law
The Scottish Legal System
Administrative Law
Public Law and Civil liberties
Core Statutes on Contract, tort and restitution
The Anti – Terrorism Legislation
H.Anton Calculus
Sears and Zemansky’s University Physics
G.James Modern Engineering Mathematics
Jonathan Herring Criminal Law
Richard Stone The Modern law of contract
Paul Craig, Grainne de burca EU LAW text, cases and materials
April Stroud Making Sense of Land Law
Colin Turpin and Adam Tomkins British Government and the Constitution
David Ormerod Criminal Law Cases and Materials
Jenny Steele Tort Law text cases and materials
Alastair Mullis & Ken Oliphant Torts
Philip H. Pettit Equity and the Law of Trusts
T.Gerritsen Call After Midnight
W.Smith The sunbird/the diamond Hunters
T.Gerritsen Last to Die
A. Golsbee Microeconomics
Maebh Harding Conflict of Laws
Lispey & Grystal Economics
Carter hill et. Al Principles of econometrics
Nigel Slack et. Al Operations Management
R.S Pindyck et al Micro econometrics
Peter V. Brett The painted man
W.Shakespeare Measure for measure
W.Hagen German History in Modern Times
K. Smith Makery
panini pub. the astonishing Spider man (84)
panini pub. essential X-Men
B. Sparks Geomorphology (3rd ed.)
F. Simon Horrid Henry’s
J. Goodavage Storm on the sun
A. Dickson The mirror within
A. Watson Butterflies
H. Phillips Girl or Boy?
L. Stamp Applied Geography
S. Townsend The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged…
Commando Renegade Raiders
Collection So you think you know the Simpsons?
Hamlyn Supernatural Stories for boys
L. Hawking George’s secret key to the universe
M. Gribbin Smelly Sciences, Noxious Nature
Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, red fish, blue fish
M. Brown Arthurs Teacher Trouble
T. Deary Discovery at Roswell
Collection The toxic Cheats book
S. Milligan Monty his part is my victory
L. Wolff The world of Nature (book 1)
S. Milligan Goodbye Soldier
N. Phelan Yoga for Woman
S. Tahta Why is the night dark?
P. Cookson Ha! Ha! 100 poems to make you laugh
J. Goodavage The Comet Kohoutek
N. Niven Health Psychology
F. MacDonald I wonder why Romans wore Togas
A. Ganeri I wonder why the sea is salty
B. Walpole I wonder why the sun rises
A. O’Neill I wonder why Snakes shed their skin
R. Jones Memoirs of an animal shrink
T. Bowler Midget
T. Bowler Star seeker
T. Bowler Shadows
DIY Home In solation
G. King Conflict and Harmony
Commando Renegade Raiders
M. Chisholm Rural Settlement and Land Use
J. Framingham Lurcher
W. Hyuck Indiana Jones and the temple of doom
C. Davies Pointed Portraits
S. Spielberg Close encounters of the third kind
A. Palmer play the great golf
Dr. Seuss Oh the places you’ll go
T. Bowler River boy
H. Jones A population geography
N. Graves People and environment
D. Boardman Handbook for geography teachers
H. Eyseneck Mind watching
W. Lock Billiards and Snooker
R. Dahl James and the Giant Peach
D. Waugh The wider world
T. Bowler Storm catcher
W. Moore A dictionary Geography
C. Pinckney Callanetics Countdown
J. Innes Paint magic
R. mellor Europe: A geographical Survey of the Continent
F. Simon Horrid Henry
M. Lambert Microwave Craft Magic
M. Bronwen Vogue
Olver and Boyd Worlds capes
A. Stroud Making Sense of Land law
Corporate Governance
Core Statues Criminal Law
Taking Stock of Environment Assessment
Company Law
Roman Law
The principles of equity & trusts
Property Law
EU Law
Understand Public Law
Avizandum Statutes on Scots Property, Trusts
Defending Jacob
Learning the Law
Management Science ( A practical introduction)
Dennis the Menace
Dragon’s rock
Funny Poems
Hal the Highwayman
Going up
the Dog Ate my BusPass
Horried Henry’s wicked ways
Big Wig
Dinos Dodos
How to embarrass grown-ups
Philips Elementary Atlas
Urban Geography
Urban Landscape
New House Book
Book of British Towns
At home A design for living
D. Begg Economics
F. Wilson Organisational Behaviour and work
I. Crossan Introductory Scots Law
J. Morisson The Global Business Environment
P. Bocij Business Information Systems
F. Wood Business Accounting
J. Crowe Chemistry for the Biosciences
L. Swift Quantative methods for business 3rd
F. Wood Business Accounting 1
D. Begg Economics
F. Wilson Organizational Behaviour and work
J. Morrisn The Global Business Environemnt
A. Palmer Introduction to Marketing
F. Woods Business Accounting 1
J. Morrison The Global Business Environment
P. Bocij Business Information Systems
F. Wilson Organizational Behaviour and work
R. Gray River café cookbook
R. Gray River café cookbook 2
R. Gray River café RIVER
A. Anand Anjums new Indian
Sadava Life: The Science of Biology 10th
Griffiths, Wessler Introduction to genetic Analysis 10th
Boron Medical Physiology 2nd
H. Stockton Teaching Creative Writing
F. Spalding Stevie Smith, A biography
L. Lendrum Neil Munro, The Biography
J. Venolia Write Right
L. Truss Eats, Shoots & Leaves
A. Gray A Gary Play Book
Developing Management skills for Europe
Research Skills for Students
D. Rowntree Learn how to study
S.Stein Solution for writers
U. Coles Turn Back your body clock
J. Hewit The complete relaxation book
The good study guide
The arts good study guide
Penguin Book What’s the Use of Lectures
P. Bonner Basic Bioscience Laboratory techniques
P. Keynes Nerve and muscle 4th
J. Crowe Chemistry for the Biosciences 3rd
Sadava Life: The Science of Biology 10th