Annual General Meeting (AGM) is your opportunity to find out what your Students’ Association is doing for you and what it has achieved this year. As a registered Scottish charity, Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) holds an annual meeting of its student members once a year.

At the meeting the President of DUSA and the Executive will present important information on what the Association has been doing, how it is meeting its charitable commitments and its current financial situation.

Students are welcome to attend and question the Exec team on DUSA’s performance and can bring forward their own ideas in the forms of “motions”. An AGM does not set or direct the policy of the Association; however, it does direct the Executive team to call a Referendum. DUSA will hold a referendum period after the March Elections and students will need to campaign on their ideas.


Any motion that is brought to the AGM needs to be submit it to the Vice President of Representation (VPR), Alex Muir @, by 7th of Feburary (14 days before the meeting) and have 100 signatures of “ordinary members” (current matriculated students who have not opted out of DUSA) with their current UoD matriculation numbers listed.

You need to download and read DUSA Bye-law 4 and contact VPR if you have any questions. The AGM can also propose amendments to the Constitution of the Association subject to the approval of Council, Board of Trustees, University Court and OSCR.

Email Your Motion

Before you submit a motion, you must ensure it does not contraviene DUSA’s constitution and relevent legislation outlined in ByeLaw 4. 

Remember to attach a scanned copy (or deliver a hard copy to DUSA) listing 100 supporting signatures, including their student/matriculation numbers.

Your motion may be rejected if a similar proposal has been submitted in the past 3 years. You can confirm this before submitting a formal motion by emailing the VPR


DUSA is committed to making sure our members have their voices heard. One way is through “Referendums” which allow big issues which affect many students, to be debated and decided upon.

A referendum is held when there is an issue of such importance that it affects the majoraty of our students. A referendum is used, for instance, when there is a question around:

  • The Students’ Association campaigning on an issue or taking action to redress a concern that effects a large proportion of our members;
  • That clearly states the majority of our members opinion on a subject, and;
  • That affects, positively or negatively, the way that the Students’ Association operates.

Referendum Process

If the Executive is instructed to run a referendum period then a question must be submitted in a “Yes/No format and accompanied by 125 signatures. A campaign period will be held and an opportunity for an opposition campaign will be given.

You can find out more in Bye-Law 4 or come in to speak to our Vice President Representation, Alex.

All referendums must not contravene any part of DUSA’s Constitution or relevant legislation.