With exams just around the corner (sorry for the reminder!) it is important that you are preparing yourself for your long stint in the sports hall, cramming everything you know onto that piece of paper. Whilst it is important to be prepared for your exams, the University understands that often students experience badly timed circumstances that may affect performance.

If unforeseeable and exceptional circumstances, such as a medical problem or bereavement, have been affecting you it is important that you alert the University about this as soon as possible, and preferably prior to sitting your exam. You can do this very simply, by filling in a mitigating circumstances* form and alerting your School as soon as possible.

You must clearly state how the mitigating circumstances affected your performance and all applications must be accompanied by supporting evidence. Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot to take in, there are various people here to help you such as the DUSA Advice service (contact details listed below).

*A mitigating circumstance is any situation beyond your control which has temporarily prevented you from undertaking an assessment or has significantly impaired your performance. The completed mitigating circumstances form and supporting documentation provides the University with the relevant information or evidence for consideration.

The form and guidance note can be found HERE.

If you would like further advice about mitigating circumstances including assistance with completing the form, you can contact DUSA: advice@dusa.co.uk

If you did not submit a mitigating circumstances form and you wish to appeal your course work or exam grade, you can contact DUSA for further advice and support: advice@dusa.co.uk