Hi guys! It’s Ellen here, your Vice President of Academia! It’s my turn to shout about all the things I have been up to since starting.

Ever since starting the role in July I have been so busy! Most things you will not want to hear about (I attend A LOT of meetings!), but there are 3 big events that I have recently completed:

1. Academic Misconduct Video

From week 1 I have been working on this project, due to the feedback I was receiving from both students and staff about how confusing Academic Misconduct can be. With a little research it became clear that most cases of Academic Misconduct are accidental due to students not being aware of the many different types of Academic Misconduct!

After reading the policy myself I wasn’t surprised by this at all! It’s filled with academic language which was hard for me as a native English speaker to understand, let alone our international students. Therefore I knew I needed to come up with a solution and this video is just that!

The video is 3 minutes long and is designed to explain the 6 most common and complicated forms of Academic Misconduct. These are:

  • Cheating in exams
  • Collusion
  • Commissioning
  • Falsification of data
  • Duplication
  • Plagiarism
If you do find yourself going through a disciplinary due to Academic Misconduct please contact advice@dusa.co.uk and we can help and support you through this process. I can also come as a representative to any meetings if you need someone!

Mid-Autumn Festival

One thing you might not know is that I am the lead DUSA rep for internationalism. One of the main themes in this year’s manifesto is changing the perception of DUSA, as many students just see us as a nightclub. Obviously we offer a lot more than that, for example:

  • Welfare advice
  • Societies
  • Housing advice
  • Academic Support

We did though recognise though that we were struggling to connect with many of our international students and therefore we wanted to host more celebrations of important dates in the international calendar here in DUSA.

I was approached by some student residences who made me aware of this festival and said how nice it would be if we could do something to help our East Asian student’s celebrate.

After speaking to the Dundee Chinese Scholars and Students Association, the Dundee University Singaporean Society, the Dundee University Malaysian Society and the Dundee University International Society, along with loads of departments in the University and I organised the mid-autumn festival celebration at DUSA on the 4th October!

I didn’t expect more than 200 people to attend, but we actually had almost 400 people attend! It was one of the busiest Wednesday evening events ever hosted here at The Union!

There was mooncake, which ran out within 30 minutes despite me buying what I though was enough to feed a small army! We also had traditional Asian snacks like white rabbit which also proved very popular! There was also Chinese tea and Milk tea (which is my new favorite thing!).

So many students and staff approached me after the event to say how amazing they thought it was. If you missed it don’t worry as we will definitely be hosting more celebrations here at DUSA over the academic year!

3. Academic Skills Week

This is the fourth year now that this week has run. It was organised by both myself and the team at the Academic Skills Centre (formally known as CASTLE). The aim of the week was to provide short workshops to help enhance the academic skills of the students that attended in 6 key areas. These were:

  • Essay planning and writing
  • Referencing and proofreading your own work
  • Report writing and dissertations
  • Learning styles and time management
  • Poster creation and presentation giving
  • How to analyse data


These areas were chosen as they were the areas that students were most commonly asking for help from the Academic Skills Center for. These workshops were well attended and I hope everyone learned something new!

The slides from these workshops are now on the DUSA website under the advice tab so check them out if you get a chance!

If you need help with any assignment in the future, whether it be referencing or planning for an exam please contact the academic skills center. Contact details can be found here: https://www.dundee.ac.uk/asc/

And that’s it! Myself and the rest of the exec are working on lots more exciting projects so keep any eye out for them by liking the DUSA The Union Facebook page! Upcoming events include:

  • Thursday 2nd November: Think Ahead employability event – Dalhousie building foyer and LT4 6pm
  • Thursday 7th December: Winter Market: Find the perfect gift – DUSA The Union 11am-4pm