Hello! Sofia here, your VPSA! This time I am taking over the blog to recap all the amazing things that happened during your Freshers’ Week! Hey! It’s already the beginning of October, and you’ve managed to survive! University is not so scary after all!

There are so many things that happened during Freshers’ Week (which you may or may not remember depending on just how much fun you were having). Here’s a reminder of just some of them:


From the one-to-one support provided by your DUSA Exec during the day, to the amazing nightlife, which included Jedward, Club MTV, Marcel, Alyssa Edwards, Hot Dub Time Machine and many more, DUSA The Union made sure to have something for everyone!


DUSA The Union continues to be the safest club in Dundee. This could not have happened without every single one of our great staff during that week. We would like to thank them all for their hard work that week and continued hard work throughout the year! If you’re looking for a job, you can join this amazing team.


Freshers Fair, the place to meet new friends and connect with people who share similar passions to you! This year there was over 3,000 attendees and 150+ stalls providing a seemingly endless supply of free food, hair-braiding and of course glitter! Making it one of our most successful Freshers Fair’s ever!

Our societies never stopped surprising us and truly showcased the breadth of talent and passion we have here on campus. Your DUSA Exec were also on hand at their stall, sharing our many services and getting to know our new students. It was also the first time that we started early for students with accessibility needs, and the first time that we had a bus from the Kirkcaldy Campus to the Fair.


FREE STUFF! We gave over 300 gifts away from the Exec stall at Fresher Fair alone from our fun games!

We hope you agree with us that the Exec stall was fantastic this year (even though we almost got stabbed once or twice by students not knowing how to throw darts).


Sports Fair was another fantastic and buzzing event. From Ultimate Frisbee to Skydiving there was something for everyone!!!

While all of these were happening events were happening your DUSA Exec were super-busy with lots of different projects at the same time.


Ellen (VP of Academia) was organizing the Academic Skills Week and the Mid-Autumn festival while continuing to help students with academic issues!


Alex (VP of Representation) and Ezichi (VP of Fundraising) were both promoting elections for the Student Representative Council (SRC) and RAG Charity. Elections are now over, so go check out who your new SRC representatives are. And remember; if you ever have an idea to improve campus these are the students who can take it forward and lobby the University to make it happen.


Ana (VP of Communication and Campaigns) was busy helping DUSA Media settle in. She was also assisting the Careers Service with organising the Careers Fair, as well as exploring the creation of Student Ads newsletter.


Caroline (VP of Student Welfare and the one that hijacked the previous blog) was talking to all of you during matriculation about Zero tolerance, getting around 4,000 signatures from new students saying they understand and agree to comply with this policy!


Toni (VP of Engagement) is getting ready for an exciting event she is organizing for the 2nd of November, with Employers from every School, to help show the countless employment options available with your degree!


Sean (President) was running around with the crazy number of Welcome events to greet you all and make you aware of what DUSA does! This included the Caird Hall speech, where you might remember him standing up in a robe and telling you all to ‘make your own history!’


As for me (your VP of Student Activities), except for running like crazy for Freshers Fair, I was advising and helping all the societies, ensuring they were ready for another fun-filled year!

If you are looking for new friends, to survive your fresh start in the University, the best advice is to pick up that luminous orange booklet and find something you are passionate about, or something new you want to try. Take it from me, getting involved with societies when I started University was the best thing I ever did!

This is how you ‘write your own history’, grow as a person, make new friends and ultimately go on to change the world!

Check out all our Societies online, and if can’t see one for you, then I can help you start your own.

Remember, the DUSA Exec are always here for you!

Anything you need or any questions you might have, just pop in The Hive – Level 4 DUSA 11-3pm, or drop any of your DUSA Exec an email.