Terms & Conditions

Please read this – it takes less than five minutes and will help ensure you have the best time possible time whenever you use your Black Card

1. The Black Card is valid from Saturday 17 September 2022 until (and
including) Friday 8 September 2023. Please note that DUSA nightclubs are still open during the University vacations, although DUSA is closed for:

• Christmas/New Year holiday from Saturday 17 December 2022 until (and including) Monday 9 January 2023.

• Graduation on Friday 23 June 2023 and Saturday 24 June 2022

2. During this 51-week period your Black Card entitles you to free admission to
Mono and Floor 5 nightclubs for every event:

• during Freshers’ Week and Refreshers Week (January 2023)

• held every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from Saturday 23 September 2022 until (and including) Friday 8 September 2023 with the exception of the dates listed in pt.1 and the following:

a. The Annual Halloween Fancy Dress Party – Monday 31 October 2022
b. The All-Day St Patrick’s Party – Friday 17 March 2023
c. The Graduation Ball 24 June 2022
d. Any event organised by a student society, student sports team or student group.
e. Any event organised by an external event producer/promoter or the University of Dundee

If you wish to attend any of the events listed 2.a. – 2.e. you will be required to pay the standard ticket price.

The Black Card also entitles you to free admission to the Car Park Rave on Saturday 8 October 2022 (licence tbc)

3. Once you have purchased your Black Card, you will have a 14 day ‘cooling-off period’ during which you are eligible to a full refund providing that you have not used your Black Card. This 14 day period will commence on the day of purchase. After the 14 day ‘cooling off period’ has ended your Black Card cannot be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned under any circumstances.

4. If you use you Black Card during the 14 day ‘cooling-off period’ and subsequently decide you want a refund, the equivalent to the standard ticket price of the event(s) will first be deducted from any money refunded to you.

5. You will not be admitted to any events free of charge unless you present your Black Card together with valid student ID and PASS accredited proof of age. (Original documents required – please do not bring photocopies)

Please note, new students studying at the University of Dundee will not be required to present their student matriculation card until Friday 23 September 2022, as it won’t have been issued to new students until then. As such we ask new students to carry some documentation demonstrating that they are studying at the university – e.g. an acceptance email

6. The Black Card entitles you to free use of the cloakroom. To be eligible for free use of the cloakroom you must present your Black Card when you deposit your items. Your free use of the cloakroom is limited to your belongings only.

7. Black Cards can be purchased by any student aged 18, or over, who will be studying in the academic year 2022/23 at any of the following institutions:

a. Any UK university, including the Open University
b. Dundee & Angus College
c. Fife College

8. Dundee University students who are aged under 18 are welcome to attend all events at DUSA and hence can purchase a Black Card. However, these students must still present proof of D.O.B on entry and are not allowed to consume alcohol on the premises.

9. DUSA reserves the right of admission and considers licensing, health & safety, environmental and security factors when deciding whether to allow Black Card holders into the DUSA Building.

Please note:

• that Black Card holders are still subject to DUSA’s private members’ club rules and disciplinary procedures. In the unlikely situation you receive a ban preventing you from entering the DUSA Building, you will not receive any refund relating to the purchase of your Black Card.

• No refunds will be offered to Black Card holders who are refused entry or ejected on account of declining to be searched, antisocial behaviour or carrying offensive weapons, illegal substances or ‘legal highs’.

10. Although DUSA fully intend to present the events and club night programme
as advertised at the time of your purchase of the Black Card, this cannot be guaranteed. Occasionally acts, artistes or club nights are cancelled due to illness, low ticket sales/attendance or reasons outwith DUSA’s control. If such situations arise, DUSA will do everything in its power to provide a suitable alternative, providing that it is commercially viable to do so. However, if this is not possible, please be aware that refunds will not be given.

11. The Black Card gives you free admission to all Freshers’ Week and
Refreshers entertainment and every club night/event organised by DUSA on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for 12 months with the exception of the dates and event types listed in pts 1 and 2.

Please note:

• The Black Card is not valid for events organised by
a. a student society, student sports team or student group
b. an external event producer/promoter or the University of Dundee

• That each venue within the DUSA Building has a specified fire capacity that cannot be exceeded. If the number of people in any venue reaches the fire capacity, then you will be required to go to another venue. As such, if there is a particular act or artiste you want to see, we advise you to get to the venue at its opening time. This is particularly pertinent during Freshers’ Week or whenever there is a band performing.

12. On the following dates, in addition to themselves, Black Card holders are
eligible for free admission and cloakroom for up to two of their friends:

• Fri 30.09.22, Sat 01.10.22 & Tue 04.10.22

• Tue 25.10.22, Fri 28.10 & Sat 29.10.16

• Fri 02.12.16, Sat 03.12.16 & Tue 06.12.16

• Tue 31.01.23 Fri 03.02.23 & Sat 04.02.23

• Tue 28.02.23, Fri 03.03.23 & Sat 04.03.23

• Tue 21.03.23, Fri 24.03.22 & Sat 25.03.23

Please note Further U+2 promo dates to be added in February 2023, once the event programme has been confirmed

This is on the condition that the friends:
• arrive at the DUSA Building with the Black Card holder

• Meet the conditions of entry to the DUSA Building

• accompany the Black Card holder to the cloakroom

Please note that this Black Card “U+2” deal does not apply to £2 signing-in fee for non-students, which is still applicable on the dates listed in pt.12

13. To get the full benefits of your Black Card and receive notifications and special discounts you will need a smart phone and download the YOYO App. (For more details go to www.dusa.co.uk/yoyo )

If you do not own a smart phone you will be issued with a physical Black Card, however please note this will not have all the features as the virtual card.

14. Black Cards will not be sent to your home or term time address. Your virtual Black Card will be uploaded to your smart phone. We will email you details of how to do this W/C Monday 29 August 2022.

However, to be eligible to attend Freshers’ Week you must be issued with a Freshers’ Pass wristband. Physical Black Cards and Freshers’ Pass wristbands can be collected from the DUSA Building Reception (Level 2) from midday Saturday 17 September 2022