Sexual Health

At DUSA we offer free contraceptives and can point you to the nearest sexual health clinic when you need a checkup.

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STI Testing in Dundee

STIs are something you should always be mindful of and consistently take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from. It is also very important that you maintain regular sexual checkups, and get tested whenever you have concerns or have put yourself at risk.

Local services include Ninewells Sexual Health Clinic, Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, and The Corner (Under 25s only) they each offer sexual health and HIV testing.

Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland

Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland: Swan House, 2 Explorer Rd, Dundee, DD2 1GB

Ninewells Hospital Sexual Health Clinic

Ninewells Hospital Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic

The Corner

The Corner: 13 Shore Terrace, Dundee, DD1 3DP


  • Ninewells Hospital Sexual Health Clinic: Ninewells, Dundee DD2, UK
  • Terrence Higgins Trust: Swan House, 2 Explorer Rd, Dundee, DD2 1GB
  • The Corner: 13 Shore Terrace, Dundee, DD1 3DP

Free HIV Test Postal Service

Terrence Higgins Trust also offer a free and discrete HIV home sampling postal service for anyone over 16 and living in Scotland.

Local Support Off Campus

Sexual Health Tayside

Advice & info about getting a check up in Dundee/Tayside

MOT (Men Only Tayside)

Free & confidential service for gay & bi-sexual men

The Corner (For Under 25s)

Drop in sessions for teens and advice for under 25s

Sexual Health Scotland

Sexual health clinic finder and general advice

Contraceptives at DUSA

You may choose to have sex at university or you may not – if you do, it’s important that you practice safe sex and have a good understanding of sexual health issues. At DUSA we care about your sexual health and provide a selection of contraceptives completely free to all our students. You can pick them up from dispensers found around The Union, or ask a member of staff in The Hive. You can also find free condoms at the University Health Service located in the Support Hub at the Old Technical Institute. Both DUSA and the University provide latex free condoms for those with allergies.
Like the birds and the bees, we all have needs. We want to break away from avoiding the sex chat and make sure that each and every one of you knows how to stay safe when getting it on. From SHAG bags to free chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV testing on campus, at DUSA we can make sure you find the best local support.


At DUSA we provide:

Condoms in all sizes

Female condoms


Flavoured condoms

Flavoured oral dams

Advice on finding STI testing in Dundee

Condoms Given Away Every Year at DUSA